Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thirty Three or Three in Three

In just a mere 3 months, my little man will be turning 3! Which means it's time for another Austin update!

Seriously, how cute is this kid? I sure do like him!

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New this quarter...

This was a quarter of language! I love the development of language! He is getting much clearer in his speech now and is talking so much. He is starting to figure out lots of humor and idioms. Idioms have to be so weird for kids! The other day I commented that we couldn't drink the orange juice I was making yet, that is had to sit for a bit. And he was very adamant that it was not sitting, it was standing! And he is using the proper pronouns most of the time, which really helps in understanding what he's trying to say. I wish I could record all the little nuances about his speech that I love! I love how he often says things twice - "Thank you, momma, thank you!" "Good job, momma, good job!" He is usually so polite and very encouraging! Other favorites "I'm grumpy!", "Okie Dokie!" and he's particularly fond of the word "Phew!"

By far my favorite phrase of this quarter has been "Follow me, momma, follow me!" Except that Austin's F's are still S's, so it's more like "Sollow me!" It's complete with arm gestures. Austin wakes us up each morning with a cheery "Hi Momma! Hi Daddy!" and then we are promptly instructed to "sollow" him into the other room to play. His enthusiasm for life almost makes up for it only being 7:30!

Despite being normally polite, he's gotten on a very serious bossy kick in just the last couple weeks. He'll order us to drink our milk, move out of his way, stop singing, turn on the light, etc! Just a two year old exerting what little power he can, but it's getting old quick!

His love of songs is growing. We recently got some new CDs for the car of kids songs and he loves singing along. My favorite part of listening with him is that when the next song comes on, no matter how many we've already listened to, he says "Oh! Another song!" Always so pleasantly surprised!

I'm am constantly amazed by his growing computer skills! He picked up how to "drag & drop" in about 10 seconds! We set up a shortcut to his favorite game on the desktop and he knows how to double click it and navigate all the links he needs to to get it going! He has a special kid mouse that is easier for him to use, but he's getting better with our mouse too.

We had a much better quarter when it came to food. We feel like all the changes we've made and the rules we've enforced are making progress. I would say that he's still fairly picky, but he puts up MUCH less of a fuss when having to eat something new or something he thinks he doesn't like. He's added a few new foods that he previously wouldn't touch, which helps menu planning. He still stalls and lags when he's not horribly hungry or if it's not something he loves, but he's getting better. I don't have to yell at him to take a bite anymore at least - all I have to do it start counting and he usually takes one before I get to 2! Not ideal, but making progress. Baby steps!

We're making some potty training progress too. Whenever we have a at-home day, he's in underpants. Unfortunately, that's not as consistent as it probably should be - we go out a bunch! He very very rarely tells me he needs to go but he's doing a really good job of holding it between potty breaks. He's had a couple days when he's stayed dry all morning, so I really think it's starting to click for him. I just hope he'll start telling me he needs to go more. He has done it a few times - usually at very inopportune times! Like the park, or when he's supposed to be napping or eating dinner! It's hard to tell what is just a stalling technique and what is him trying to understand what his body is telling him. Hopefully by the next update, we'll be much closer to being out of diapers!

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