Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Play Catch with Me, Please?!

Since Father's Day, Austin has been obsessed with his baseball glove. He likes to carry it around and take it in the car so he can hold the ball. Brian and he play some in the house, but haven't had much chance to go out and play. Since it's been so nice out at night and still light when Brian gets home from work, we're trying to make a point to go out after dinner at least once a week. So this last week, after seeing how much fun the kids had at the park with me, we decided to go there again that same day.

Austin was very very excited to play with Daddy and he did a pretty good job of taking instruction!

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You can clearly see how much fun he was having!

McKenna was the best little cheerleader! Whenever either of them threw, caught or even came close to catching the ball, she very enthusiastically would clap for them!

It was so sweet to get to watch my boy play catch with his Daddy! One of hundreds of rounds of catch to come, I'm sure!

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