Monday, June 27, 2011

One and a Quarter

My word for last month was Wow! And I really can't think of anything new to say for this month too! It was such a full month for my little girl again!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Just as I suspected, McKenna quickly moved from just walking to running. She runs, or attempts to do so, pretty much all the time. I like to describe it as a little marionette running. Her legs and arms flail about as if almost unattached to her body! She gets more stable each day, but she still falls quite a bit. She wants to be allowed to get down and walk/run all the time too. And as hard as she tries to keep up with Austin, her little legs just don't move quick enough.

Lots of new words! Elmo, Please, Donald Duck, Grandpa, Grandma, Papa, binkie, blankey, bath time, paper (which is what she calls crayons), amen, Tigger, Pooh Bear and probably about 10 more that I made note of during the day but can't remember now that I'm actually sitting down to write! She's repeating words back very quickly. I think I told her Elmo twice and she had it down. Austin didn't start mimicking words back until he was almost 2!

She's still not big on signing but she's starting to do it a little more. Eat is probably her most clear and most used. And just a few days ago you could almost visibly see the light bulb turn on above her head with "please". She says please and signs it at the same time, which kinda makes signing it unnecessary I suppose! I also love that I have yet another kid that tells me she would like to take a nap by signing sleep! Thank you Lord! And if she keeps up signing "change" when she needs a new diaper, she may be potty trained before Austin!

McKenna has evolved from being obsessed with Little Einsteins to TV in general. She loves all the cartoons they watch and gets equally but differently excited about each of them! Jake and the Neverland Pirates - she waves a little fist in the air and says "oooh hooo hooo!" (Yo ho ho!). Little Einsteins - she throws her arms up in the air and shouts "blast off" (which is fairly clear!). Mickey Mouse Club is my favorite to see her react to - She about hyperventilates and shrieks "Dona Duh! Dona Duh!" She couldn't care less about Mickey Mouse, but dang, does she love Donald Duck!

For once I was right about teeth! Sure enough #5 popped through. Promptly followed by #6 & #7 and #8 is so close to popping through that by looking at it you would think it was, but you can't quite feel a sharp edge yet. I'm thinking (and hoping) that these teeth were the reason food was rough this month too.

Books, books, books! She sure loves her books! She will dig determinedly through the book box, chucking books left & right, looking for a specific book and then read it with very serious focus! She gets really excited about ones with animals in it and the "Five Little Monkeys" book. I LOVE reading that one to her! She bounces when they jump, she bonks herself on the head, she holds her hand up like a phone and when you ask her what the doctor says, she shakes one little finger at you and says "No no no no!" It cracks me up!

She's a biter! Poor Austin has been bit pretty hard a few times (one of which was on a bare chest in the bathtub!) Unfortunately, he more or less deserves it every time! She only does it when he takes her toys or growls right in her face. Obviously we are trying to teach her that biting is wrong, but I can't help but feel like I'm taking away her only recourse at the moment! She tries to bite me too when she doesn't like what I'm telling her.

She loves to pray! I mentioned above that "amen" was one of her new words. She will appropriately fold her hands when we start to pray. But she really really likes to say Amen, so she doesn't wait for the end of the prayer. She just says it the whole time!

I cannot get enough of this little girl's hugs and kisses! She gives the best! While we're playing on the floor, she will come running to me and throw herself into my arms And if I'm holding her she knows just how to put her head down and snuggle right in. She melts me!

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