Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Little Zoolander, Take 2!

Austin's been keeping busy with modeling auditions and jobs. In August he did a photoshoot for Carter's Clothing and we just got notice that the catalog is out and he made it! Unfortunately it's not a pic of his face, but I know it's him. It does show off his beautiful eyelashes though!

Carter's Catalog
He's on page 7, top right corner. Blue & Grey Striped Hoodie.

We also recently got emails that the last two photo shoots he did for Infantino were good enough for them to use his pics! They aren't up on the website or on any products yet, but I think it will be a while before they are actually in use. Infantino is funny in that they pay extra if they actually use the pictures, whereas the other companies he's done shoots for pay a straight fee just to take the pics. And they seem to really love Austin, cuz tomorrow he's doing another shoot for them! Cha-ching for Austin! Maybe they'll end up paying for Grad School!

Here's Austin modeling a new Infantino Baby Carrier. I personally think it's good enough for the box! But we'll see. I think at a minimum it will be on their website as they seem to have a bunch of pics of their products there.

And this one isn't modeling anything specific, but it goes with the other product pics they were taking that day. They said he was the "lifestyle" shot, whatever that means!

They also recently added another picture from his Disney Clothing shoot. It looks a little funny because he was holding onto my fingers to stand up and they just edited me out.

Here's the pic of him on the mainpage too. It wasn't up for very long.

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