Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Do You Chew?

A few weeks ago I introduced Austin to PB&Js! (Yay for no peanut allergies!) He has a habit of stuffing food in his mouth and just swallowing so I wanted to make sure he chewed his sandwich pieces really good so they didn't get stuck in his throat. I told him to chew his food really good and I made a funny chewing demonstration. Well he thought it was hilarious and picked it up right away! Now he does it a lot because he knows it's funny. He will tell me he's hungry by making this face. The other day Auntie Suz was watching him and they were eating dinner together and he just started doing it after watching her chew his food.

It started out as just something a little funny, but the nice side benefit is I have a 1 year old that knows how to chew with his mouth closed! Score one for good manners!

1 comment:

Kytten said...

How cute!! I love that he chews with his mouth closed and looks like a little rabbit!