Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's A Party!!

A few weeks ago we held Austin's Birthday party. What an event! It's a good thing my parents have a ginormous house and backyard, because we invited a ton of people! A lot of wedding guest lists are smaller than his was! But that's what happens when you add two very large families to a bunch of really good friends.

The theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" which is one of Austin's favorite books. I do have to admit that the cake idea came first from a pic I found online and then it was just a fortunate coincidence that he likes that book.

The Invite

Food, Decorations
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Some of the guests

The Caterpillar Cake

The Birthday Boy trying to figure out why all these people are singing at him!

Austin's Smash Cake

You're probably wondering what a blue bear has to do with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"...yeah, nothing. When Brian and I got married, our parents put together a bunch of poster boards of pictures of us growing up. It was then that was saw we had the exact same bear cake for our 1st birthdays. So I wanted Austin to have that same cake too. So it has nothing to do with caterpillars but it was important to me, so that's why he has a blue bear cake!

Auntie Becca and I made the cakes the day beforehand and it didn't occur to either of us that the frosting would harden overnight. So Austin's smashcake wasn't exactly a smashable cake. He very daintily picked off the frosting bit by bit.

Sharing cake with Daddy. He likes to share.

Mommy spread some frosting on his nose for a pseudo-smashcake pic!

It was Daddy's 30th birthday that week, so he got his very own birthday cake. Not quite as fancy as Austin's though.

Ooh Presents!
(Thank you, everyone, for the great presents! Austin is having a blast with all of them!)

"Yes! A truck!"

I think he likes the water table. What do you think??

Saying "Thank You" for his gifts!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped to make his birthday party such a fun day!!

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