Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posts! Posts! Posts!

Yes, I'm so behind! But that will happen when you've got an incredibly sick kid on your hands! Austin had a high fever (102-104ish) all last week, with a peak at 106.5! (Having to put a screaming sick kid in a lukewarm bath is not good for a momma's heart, lemme tell you!) No flu symptoms either. Just the high fever. We did bloodwork and a urine culture (holding your kid down while they're catheterized is also not fun!) to rule out some scary stuff, but in the end nothing came up positive, so it's just been chalked up to a random virus. He's 100% better now though.

So now that's he's all better I can get to some posts. Expect a bunch, so don't just read the top one.

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Biancavillas said...

We are struggling with a similar virus with Abby, fever but no other flu symptoms . . . though thank goodness the temperature isn't quite so high. I'm so sorry about that! But I'm glad it was a super happy birthday!