Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Last Tuesday Austin and I made a trip down to Tanaka Farms in Irvine with Rebecca & Jack and Rebecca's mom Phyllis and Rebecca's nephew Luke. Last year, being only 3 weeks old, Austin was slightly too young to enjoy picking out his pumpkin.

This year he still didn't quite get it, but he at least seemed to enjoy himself and was only a bit confused by all the orange balls all around him.

Acres and acres of "You Pick Pumpkins." They were pretty picked over by the time we went but there were still some good ones.

First experience with these weird orange things. Not incredibly excited yet.

Neither boy seems to know what to think!

I'm a sheep!

Turns out he likes hay as much as he likes grass.

Wagon Ride!

"If I look really really cute, maybe Auntie Becca will let me touch her camera!"

I loved these big pumpkins. They looked plastic!

Austin wasn't too sure about the petting zoo at first, but when we went into the baby pen, he perked up a bit.

"We love Tanaka Farms!"

Jack showing off his feats of strength!

Luke enjoying his first Pumpkin Patch

"All right, Momma! I'm kinda over these pumpkins!"

"Okay, they're fun again!"

The boys and their pumpkins

Our pumpkin purchases! One for Austin and a little one for the baby!

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The Bettinos said...

He's so sweet with that little goat!! The way he's sticking out his hand all gently. So cute.