Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13 Months (And One Week)

We had to wait to get Austin's Pooh picture until Daddy was home during the day. I just can't wrangle a kid and get a cute shot. By the time I back up to take the picture, he's off the side of the couch, tackling the lamp! Definitely a two person job.

(Notice the spoon in his hand? Yeah, that's apparently the best toy ever! He crawls around with spoons all day long)

New this month:

OOOOh so close to walking. I mean really walking. He can take multiple steps in a row. But he has to be highly motivated. Which usually means he's walking towards food. If you put him down at just the right distance from the table he will walk to it to get Cheerios. But if you try to make him go too far, he gets down immediately and crawls. He did however walk to me from his walker! Awww! I think it was the farthest he had gone at that point! Double Awww!

As mentioned above, he loves spoons. He crawls around with them. Holds them in the carseat. Etc. I think it comes from us working on him feeding himself. He can actually do pretty darn good if the food he's trying to eat is relatively thick, like mashed avocado or applesauce. He likes to try to take his Cheerios or chopped fruit and put it on the spoon and then try to get it in his mouth. So far that hasn't worked out so great for him, but it's stinkin' adorable to watch!

He has learned to spit. If someone has a magic solution for making a 1 year old stop spitting, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does! He used to just simply spit out food he didn't like, but now he does it with some juice behind it and then continues to spit like he's trying to get the taste out. And he's doing it just because even if it's not meal time. And he KNOWS it bugs me cuz he'll take out his pacifier, look at me, spit (with the most defiant look a 1 year old can muster up! Seriously, how do they learn this already???) and then stick his pacifier back in! I've tried saying "no, we don't spit", tapping/flickling him on the lips, time outs, and ignoring it completely and yet he still does it!

He learned to sign! I started signing with him at like day one, thinking if I did so, maybe I'd have a cute little 6 month old telling me what kinds of food he wants to eat! Yeah, that didn't happen. He could recognize them for a while but would never do them. All of a sudden, though, he picked it up! He does the cutest little "More" and he does "Milk" and occasionally "All Done." He seems to think that "More" is a magic sign that gets him whatever he wants whenever he wants, just cuz he's so cute! Nice try, buddy! We're also working on "bath", "mom" and "dad" and the different types of foods he likes, like yogurt, cheese, apples, etc. Again, he recognizes those, but won't repeat them yet.

He's loving all his new toys from his birthday party! It's so fun to see him interacting with them and discovering new things about them each day.

His walker is his absolute favorite things right now though. He pushes that around the house, almost non-stop. I think maybe part of the reason he can't walk is because he pushes it so fast that he's usually leaned forward at good 30 deg angle!

Austin is completely weaned. (Not that most of you care or really want to know, but I wanna have it in my notes) I was NOT ready to be done nursing but apparently my pregnant body was and Austin didn't seem to care. Over night, one week after his birthday) he went from nursing for all but one meal to nursing for only one! And then two weeks later he dropped that last meal too. Let me just say that that is a very mean thing to do to a hormonal woman! I was a mess! I'm better now though.

At his 12 month check up, he was 31" tall and 19.2 lbs. A little string bean! Actually he dropped from the 20th percentile in weight to the 8th! So we had to do a weight check again last week and he had gained appropriately. Still in the 8th percentile but at least he didn't drop more percentile points. We think he just wasn't getting enough milk from me. So weaning was a good thing for him. Plus he's a really active little guy. So it's not too surprising that he has a high metabolism. I wish I was in the 8th percentile for weight!

Naps have not been good this month! I want my good napper back please! He's just having a really hard time winding down. And often he'll fall asleep for 10-20 minutes and then wake up tired but wired. Just sits in there talking, or does laps around the crib. He's definitely tired enough though, cuz once he falls asleep for good he's out for 3-4 hours! I think we're getting close to dropping a morning nap too, since he often has a hard time falling asleep for that one. But some days he really needs it, so I'm not sure what to do exactly.

He loves lids! He will take the tops off of his Puffs container, a water bottle or one of his toy bins and then put them back on, over and over again. He's got pretty good control.

He likes to turn the lights on and off and loves to ring the door bell!

He is into everything! Which means I really have to watch him these days because we also discovered that none of the baby proofing tools actually work on our house! Seriously, the stove lock doesn't fit, the fridge lock doesn't fit, the cupboard locks don't fit, the drawer locks don't attach right, the stove shield doesn't stick because the contact surface was too small on our stove, etc. The only things that have worked are the outlet covers and the stove knob covers! Oh and he likes to pull the table corner protectors off too, so even those aren't safe!

The boy is addicted to Cheesy Goldfish! He wants them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even the occasional 3am waking! How do I know this? Cuz he makes the sign for more and then makes a fishy face! It's horribly cute and horribly difficult to resist, although I'm trying! Good-for-you food first, then fishies! He doesn't quite get that yet.

We finally got tooth #3 and tooth #4 looks like it might be popping through any day now. But who knows. He still is such a slow teether but I have no problem with that since he doesn't seem to be bothered by them recently.

Austin is blowing kisses a bunch now. We call them fishy kisses. When Brian leaves for work and we tell Austin to say "Goodbye", he'll either wave or will make kissy faces. It's very sweet!

And I think my favorite new thing is that he starts to kinda hyperventilate when he excitedly is waiting for food! I need to get it on video cuz it's really funny. Crowleys do love food!

Note: Definitely stop by later Wednesday evening! We're hopefully finding out what gender the new munchkin is!

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