Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well Baby? Check!

Austin had his 6 month Well Baby Checkup today. He didn't cry at anyone in a white coat today! And he only cried for about 1 minute when he got his shots. Maybe less. Such a trooper! He's meeting all his milestones good - she wasn't too concerned about his lack of motivation to roll much. He finally rolled from back to front on Monday. I told him he had to do it before his appt so he just snuck it in! Only did it once though, so no video. And he's at least a month or two ahead in his pincer grasping technique. So we'll take that!

Size wise, he's doing good - 25% for weight, 75% for height & 25% for head circumference. He dropped in % in weight some, from about 30-35% to 25%, so we're going to bump up nursing a bit, but she said to go ahead with solids too. Nothing to be concerned about though. I mean, do these thighs look like the thighs of a child that needs to be concerned about his weight??

I can assure you, he did not get those from his daddy!

Now his sense of humor, he did get from his daddy! (Hey, you can never have too many clothes-stuck-on-the-head photos, right?)

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