Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Boy Food

Yesterday, Austin got his first official big boy food. (The girl scout cookie doesn't count) We started with rice cereal, which he didn't care too much for, and apples which he seemed to like. It was a little hard to tell if he liked it cuz he kept shuddering, but he also kept looking for more. I think they were a little too sweet for him.

He did a great job though. Even stayed clean, which was good since we forgot a bib! Hey, we're new at this stuff too!

Excited to get started!

Some rice cereal

Not too sure about these apples!

Happy full boy!

And some "green bean" "sweet apple" shudders in action!

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Sabrina said...

Oh Ang, he's so cute!!! It took Nate a while to get used to the apples--he made the same face, LOL! I think they were too tart at first.