Monday, April 13, 2009

A Hoppy Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. It's been a very busy weekend, but very fun too. Brian got Friday off and has today off too, so we've been enjoying the long weekend. The Easter Bunny brought Brian a video game and he has spent a good time killing enemy soldiers. (He was jealous that Austin was getting a basket, so we made sure the Easter Bunny got him a little something too. And the Bunny came early just so Brian could enjoy his game on his day off.)

Friday, Austin and I decorated Easter Eggs. Well, I did most of the decorating and he contributed thumb prints for the chicks on his. I experimented with "blowing out" eggs instead of hard boiling them, so his will hopefully last for a while.

Saturday, Austin & I attended Jack Reeves' 2nd birthday party. The theme was airplanes and his momma was waaaaayyy too creative. She has set the bar very high for all future birthday parties. In fact, I'm starting to plan Austin's now, just so I can get close to the level she set it at.

I mean, check out this cake!!

And this invite!

After Jack's party, Austin and I went to Michelle Albao's baby shower. She's so stinkin' cute! Check out this little belly!

She's 33 weeks and is due at the end of May. We are so excited for them! Their little man has been prayed for for years! If they have even 1/10th the amount of fun we're having with Austin, they're going to be in heaven! I can't wait to meet their little blessing.

We got a nice shot of Austin and me too! And a nice shot of Austin.

Okay, and a completely random thing happened at the shower. One of Micah's (Michelle's hubby) cousins was there. We took gymnastics together 20 years ago! We were the absolute best of friends when we were like 10. I mean, I knew she had the same last name as Micah, but I just assumed there were more than one family of Albaos in the world. I guess I was wrong! It was very fun reconnecting!

And then after the shower, we went over to my parents house for a yummy early Easter dinner. (There was orange jello, which pretty much makes it a great dinner!) Brian, Austin and I took the opportunity for a nice family portrait...

Then the cousins got in on the fun.

And one more of Austin, just cuz he's so stinkin' cute! (Wait until you see what I have in store for his 6month pics. Imagine this, but way worse.)

Our actual Easter Sunday was full too. Our church has a "sunrise" service at the time when the sun really should be rising. 10am. Pretty much the best sunrise service ever. We meet at a house in PV that overlooks the ocean. So what we lack in the crack-of-dawn-o-dark-thirty aspect, we fully make up for in the amazing-beauty-and-awe aspect!

Then we stopped at Grandma Judy's so Austin could open his Easter Basket there. She got him a very cute little swimming pool that he'll be splashin' around in soon.

And then Easter dinner was held at Great-Grandma Crowley's home with more yummy yummy food. I forgot to bust my camera out all Sunday, but Grandpa Kevin did, so there might be pictures later when I get some from him.

Fun, very full weekend! But more importantly, we didn't forget why we were celebrating...

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

What glorious words!


SteFUNie said...

Yay! I love those shots I took of you and Austin! He is too gorgeous for words. And, I'm so glad fate brought us back together! Next time we meet: Back handsprings!!!


The Crowleys said...

LOL! I'd break my neck for sure! You forget we're OLD now!