Friday, April 3, 2009

One Half Year

In about one minute my sweet baby boy will be six months old. It's probably too late at night to be writing this because just thinking those words makes me tear up. And if you know me at all, you know that it takes a lot to make that happen. I can't believe how quickly the time is going by. I want it to slow down, but at the same time I can't wait for tomorrow because I know that somehow it will be even more fun than today was.

I took his six month Winnie the Pooh pics a day early because I have to work Friday. But I figure it's darn close enough. What a difference a few months makes! He's huge! Well, he's still a peanut, but he's huge compared to his 4 day old picture.

Austin, This is what you're up to at 6 months old
  • Your sweet little giggle has evolved into the best belly laugh. When you're not tired, you laugh when your tootsies get kissed, when Momma attacks your belly or when you get thrown up in the air. When you're tired, you laugh at absolutely everything! Your laugh is the best sound in the entire world!

  • You've recently discovered Peekaboo and think it's absolutely hilarious to watch Momma and Daddy bounce around the couch.

  • You are really really close to sitting up all by yourself. You can teeter there for a little bit, but you tumble over eventually. You can sit longer and longer everyday. You look horribly proud of yourself when you do sit though.

  • You're not crazy about rolling over. We know you know how to do it, but we think you just choose not to. We can't tell if it's because you're generally very content about where you are or if you're just lazy like Momma.

  • You have to hold whatever Momma is holding. The remote control, spoon, camera, cup, etc. You frantically flail your arms out until you get your prize and then you promptly attempt to eat it.

  • You are such a good sleeper! Momma is so thankful for that! You usually wake up from naps happy and just lay in your crib talking to your mobile until Momma comes and gets you. Then you greet her with the best smile ever! Sometimes, though, it would do you good to speak up a little after your nap because sometimes Momma doesn't know you're up!

  • You adore your Daddy so very much. Even when you're cranky, your face lights up when he comes home from work. You'll stare at him no matter what he's doing in the room until you catch his eye and you flash him the best grin!

  • You are so good with your fingers. You love to carefully hold your toys in just a few fingers and examine them intently, slowly turning things over and spinning them. You always have a very intense look on your face while you do this. You're really good at getting your pacifier back in your mouth too.

  • You don't have an official eye color still. They are sorta blue, sorta green, sorta gray. Some days "chrome" is the best way to describe them. Auntie Becca says they look like mirrors. Regardless of the color, they are gorgeous.

  • You're getting a little better at scooting towards your toys if they're out of reach. You can go scoot in a circle really good now. And you're an ambi-turner. Daddy was afraid you could only go right, but you occasionally started going left.

  • You yell at Momma to put you down for a nap when you're tired. Usually you don't say much, but when you're tired you get really loud and shrieky and start scolding Momma, but somehow you do so while still happy! And sure enough, the moment you get in your crib, you snuggle down with your Night Night Pooh and your snuggle blanket and go to sleep.

  • You have pretty broad shoulders and long feet! Most likely you're going to be tall and strong like your Daddy.

  • You haven't officially started eating solid food yet, but that hasn't stopped Daddy from giving you a bit of his lemon girl scout cookie, or Momma from giving you a taste of her lemon, which you wanted more of, instead of making the sour face she was hoping for.

  • You know which toys you like and which ones you want to play with when they're offered to you. If you don't want it, you'll push a toy away but if you do want it, your arms spring up frantically and your face shows your excitement.

  • You haven't quite learned that some toys hurt when you bang yourself in the head with them. You've started really shaking them around and given yourself a few good bruises. You've been demoted to softer toys for the time being.

  • Your hair is awesome. It poofs up just perfectly and has such personality. It only lays flat if it's wet. Otherwise it sticks up all over the place.

  • You giggle sometimes when Momma sings to you. She tries not to take it personally.

  • You're very bendy and have decided that toes are just as good to suck on as fingers are. You're particularly fond of your right big toe.

  • And most of all, you are so incredibly loved! You have brought more joy to your Momma & Daddy than we thought was ever possible. We have enjoyed every day with you and feel like we're having more fun with you than we should be allowed.

Thank you, Lord, for this blessing!

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