Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bella's First Bath - Third Time's a Charm!

When it came time for Bella's first bath, we were determined to not get pooped on this time! With Austin, we didn't put a diaper on him right away and he pooped in his towel and promptly got a second bath! McKenna was diapered but still managed to explode everywhere and also promptly had a second bath. So this time, we made sure to wait until AFTER Bella had pooped to even start the bath and made sure to put a diaper on her immediately afterward. And thankfully, third times a charm! No poop! Bella was already turning out to be easier than the other two!

And true to her easy little self, she was uber calm and just happy as she could be during her first bath. Not to mention, she looked so cute all cleaned up!

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