Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trimming Our Little Christmas Tree

Finally getting rolling on December 2011! I'm excited to be finishing so I can get to this year! At least if I'm in the right calendar year, I won't feel so behind!

Ooh, it was so fun to look back at the last Christmas in our old house! Can't wait to get to do it in our new one! We have a much better spot for a tree! Maybe we can get one that's bigger than 2.5 ft tall! But I did love our little tree last year! The kids loved helping me decorate. They were such good helpers! Once again, we put it up on the table in hopes that it didn't get knocked down and the ornaments didn't get destroyed. No one knocked it over this year, but boy did McKenna do her best to break ornaments. I think ultimately they all survived, but I had to replace pretty much every once several times. With a small tree, there really wasn't a "safe" place on the tree to put the special ones, so I just really had to watch her.

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