Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miscellaneous January Cuteness

Night Night!

McKenna loves tucking her dolls in good night. She used to cover these little dolls with a big blanket, so Grandma cut her some pint sized ones out of the extra fabric from the big one. Much better!

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Pooping Prize

In January we were still working on potty training with Austin. He did great with going #1, but #2 was a little more of a struggle. So I felt a little extra motivation was in order. I got him a yellow Angry Bird that he'd receive if he went a few times on the potty. He was so proud when he finally earned it! So much so that he still shows off his yellow Angry Bird to people (random people, no less) and announces that it was his pooping prize! I have a picture of it, because he really wanted me to take one. Gotta include it, since it's so important to him!

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Teepee Picnic

The first of many teepee picnics. Thanks Grandma!!

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Woohoo! Another month blogged! On to February!

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