Monday, August 6, 2012

My Little Baking Assistant

I love love love that Austin is old enough to get to help me in the kitchen some. I love that it's a lesson in math, a lesson in cooking and a lesson in listening/following directions. The only downside is the flour everywhere, but that's why God invented vacuum cleaners!

So I was really looking forward to making Christmas cookies with him this year. We waited until McKenna was down for a nap (otherwise there really would have been flour everywhere!!) and got to work. He did so good and had so much fun! Oh and the apron he's wearing was made by his grandma! You definitely gotta have a custom made apron - not a lot of ones made for little boys out there!

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This is in my top 10 most favoritest pics of him!

The cookies came out great. A little too great. I was 3 months pregnant and somehow my only 1st trimester craving at that time was sugar cookies. I'm not sure Brian got more than 2!

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