Sunday, August 22, 2010

San Diego Zoo

We've been wanting to make the trek down to San Diego and go to the zoo with my niece (Wiggles) and nephew (Monkey). So we planned a trip for right after school let out for the summer for Wiggles. And thanks to the mild weather we had in the early summer, it was a great day for it. Definitely not too hot!

Our sweet Wiggles

And the cutie patootie Monkey

And their momma, Robin

Nani came with us, which aside from the kids loving a day with their grandma, was a great help for Robin and me! It's definitely handy having another adult handy to help wrangle 4 kiddos! Well, really just my kiddo needs wrangling. Wiggles & Monkey have that "Stop" and "Come" thing down pretty good by now. Austin...yeah we're still working on that.

Nani & Wiggles

BUT we did discover a fun trick on this trip! At the beginning of the day, Wiggles asked if she could hold Austin's hand. I didn't think he'd let her hold it all day. Turns out he wanted to do nothing but hold it! He didn't want to go in the stroller, didn't want to hold my hand, didn't want to be carried, only wanted to hold her hand! And since she's old enough to maneuver him in the right direction, it worked great!

There were a couple animals I particularly wanted Austin to see because we don't have them at our zoo. The elephants, the polar bears, pandas and most importantly, the wombats. Okay, really Austin didn't need to see the wombats, but I did! You may be able to tell from the url of my blog that I have a thing for wombats!

He wasn't nearly as impressed with the elephants as I thought he would be, but I enjoyed them and took lots of pics!

The polar bears were really hard to see, but the exhibit was fun.

The pandas were fun. It was a momma and baby and they were rough housing a little. So cute!

And you could just barely see the wombats through the glass. They were of course sleeping!

We decided these two animals are in the running for "Most Likely to be Mistaken for a ROUS"! (And if you don't know what a ROUS is, google it and then come back. It's a requirement for reading this blog.)

We had a great time watching this little deer/antelope/gazelle-thingy try out its new bouncing legs!

And just some of my favorite shots from the day...

My Little Man, ready to take on the zoo!

Cousins! (If you look carefully, you'll see McKenna's carseat in the stroller in the background. See she was there!)

Me & My Little Explorer

Austin standing next to an elephant collar!

Me & my buddy Monkey!

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