Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kid Concepts

We have an excellent indoor playground nearby. It is wonderful for both the rainy days and the insanely hot days, when either way you need out of the house but have no desire to go out of the house! We've come a few times before this summer but Austin was pretty small and didn't really get most of the equipment. And he certainly didn't venture to the big kid area.

This time he had so much fun, I could barely keep track of him. He loved the little kid area but before I knew it, he had figured out how to get up in the big hamster trail. Literally before I knew it. I was doing something with McKenna while he was in the ball pit and then suddenly I couldn't find him. Thankfully Rebecca had an eye on him (which is why I love playdates with other moms and dads!!) but shocked me when she pointed to the very top and declared he was up there with one of the dads. I had no idea he could even climb any of the obstacles, let alone wanted to! He was such a brave kid that day. Up to the point that I went in there and pushed encouraged him down a slide that I didn't know was kinda scary until I went down it myself after him! Whoops! Score one for Momma of the Year!

The Little Kid ball pit & obstacle course

His smile in this one kills me! I've never seen him smile like that but it cracks me up every time I see this pic.

Boy, does this kid love to swing! And the swings here are impressive. They hang from at least 20ft ceilings, so the kids get a very long and high ride!

Jack was equally impressed with the swings

Maneuvering in part of the hamster trail

And of course, playing with the train table

Some of Austin's little friends
(Don't worry! "L" didn't get the black eye on the playdate. He went down hard at home!)

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