Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brotherly-Sisterly Love

Up until this day in June, Austin had been pretty indifferent to McKenna. Giving her the occasional lovetap on the head, sweet kisses when we ask him to, and of course, the ever popular fist bumps (that surprisingly work really well with newborns since their hands are mostly clenched in fists for the 1st few months!), but that's about the extent of their interactions. Up until this day in June, I didn't have many pictures of the two of them together. Austin would rarely lay down next to her and if he did, it was too fleeting for me to grab the camera.

So I can't tell you how excited I was when Austin "asked" if he could hold her one day. He was laying on the boppy as I held McKenna and patted it and gestured for a hug from her. My heart just melted. I was a little terrified he would want to hold her for only a moment and then would push her off the couch when he was done, but that didn't happen. He was loving it! Oh the giggles and smiles that came out of that kid as he held her. He gave her unprompted hugs and kisses, examined her little hands and for the most part was fairly gentle with her! For her part, she was very patient with him too, only getting a little fussy from time to time when she wasn't being held in the most comfortable positions. When I went to get her from him when she would get fussy, he'd sign "more" frantically, so I'd calm her down and get her repositioned, and then he'd be in heaven again!

I was seriously loving it too! I was having all these visions of all the fun I hope they have as siblings who are so close in age. And praying that they'll always get along and enjoy each others' company!

So all that will explain why I took a mere couple hundred pictures in the span of 10 minutes. And I loved so many of them that I cannot pick my favorites. So instead of only posting a few, I'm going to post a slideshow of all my favorites. Just be thankful I at least narrowed them down to a reasonable number that could be displayed in a slideshow!


(If you cannot see the slideshow, you may not have flash installed on your computer. If you'd just like to see the gallery of all the pics, click here!)

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