Thursday, August 12, 2010

Botanical Gardens

I'm getting back on track for blogging some of our playdates. If we didn't have such busy but fun weeks, I might be able to keep up. But as it is, I'm getting further behind. So it's my goal for the week to at least finish June! Think I can do it? Yeah, I doubt so too. But it's good to at least dream big.

Our next playdate on the calendar was a picnic at the South Coast Botanical Gardens near us. The 3rd Tuesday of every month it's free, which is always a bonus! What a beautiful day it was! There was a good sized group of moms and kids that week but we didn't get to hang out with them much. We all started out together and headed towards the pond to see the ducks but between my little Austin, who lags because he's the smallest of the bunch and Jack, who lags despite being the tallest of the bunch because he has to look at everything, we quickly got separated from the group. But it was okay - Austin and Jack had a good time together meandering down the path and getting sprayed by the sprinklers. And Jack learned that there was a tree named just for him!

Waiting for the sprinkler to come around

Toddlin' on down the path

Documenting that McKenna was there!

By the time we stopped looking for our group near the lake, they had already made it back up to the grassy area and were eating already. Which meant that by the time our kiddos were done eating, all the rest of the kids had left! So Austin and Jack ran around on the grass just the two of them.

I love watching Austin run! Such grace enthusiasm! I call him my little Woody doll (from Toy Story). All of his limbs flail about as if independent from his body! I need to get some video of it so I can always remember it. But for now, pics will have to do! He was a little loopy from the combination of wide open spaces and his naptime nearing, so I got a bunch of silly pics of him. Such a cute, silly Woody doll!

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