Monday, June 21, 2010

Travel Town

I am already loving summer this year. It's warm enough to take fun outings and Austin is old enough to actually "get" the outings! We have a fun-filled calendar planned with moms from church, but Rebecca and I decided to start our outings a week early with a trip to Travel Town. It's a train museum near the LA Zoo. The museum itself ended up being a bit of a disappointment. It had fun things to look at but was all untouchable! Only one engine and one car were available to walk in, despite there being many more engines and cars. Thankfully Austin enjoyed just seeing everything and did a good job of not touching what he wasn't supposed to.

Checking out the engine

Conductor Jack Jack

Luke driving the train

My Little slowpoke walking the rails. It took him forever but he was loving it!

Snack break

McKenna, as always, was a good sport being carted around.

The best part of the day was the train ride around the park. Austin was in Little Boy Heaven! A few weeks earlier he had taken his first train ride at the Galleria Mall - the little train that goes around in a tiny 20ft circle. He loved that, so I knew he would have fun on a bigger one.

The looks of pure joy on his face though just melted me.

Jack takes trains very seriously, but I was able to get a little smile!

Hoping that if he just sits there, he'll get to go around again!

We took a 2nd ride after lunch. He was much more reserved cuz he was pretty tired.

But he still wanted to keep going. This is him signing "more".

Our little travel town travelers.

Good little buddies!

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Jaime said...

Great pictures. Love the one of you and the two kiddos.

You look great by the way!