Monday, June 21, 2010

I Heart Baby Showers

Still working on getting caught up! Less than a month behind! Woohoo!!

I was so excited to get to help host a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Brandi! She's having a little girl, Anabelle Mae, in August. She lives in New Mexico, (which unfortunately means I won't get to squeeze her little girl as often as I'm gonna want to) so it was an extra joy that she was able to come out here for a baby shower. It was a "Everyone in California" shower, so it was a combo of bible study friends, family and other various friends. It made for such a nice group. We didn't bother with cute games, because really we just wanted to enjoy her company and get to visit. Oh and drink really good punch and eat yummy cupcakes. (Made by Rachel, who makes the most wicked awesome things that absolutely ruin my diet.)

And of course, we also wanted to shower her with presents. Buying for girls is too much fun. So much pink and so much fun!

The new momma! (I don't believe in saying Mommma-to-be, cuz once you're pregnant, you're already a momma!)

A handful of bible study friends - Rachel, Nicole, Kathy, & Susan

My Mother-in-law, Judy and my sweet McKenna (First day she let anyone but me hold her for more than oh, 30 seconds)

Our sweet friend Lizzy, The Grandma (Brandi's mom), and Brandi's Aunt

Me & Susan

Some of the girlie-girl cuteness she got

And early three generation of women photo

Kathy (The real hostess!) & Brandi

The wicked awesome cupcakes. Seriously. Wicked. Awesome.

McKenna & Sam checking each other out. Sam was so taken by her, he pooped his pants when he saw her. Not sure if that's love at first sight or not...

The betrothed couple. Note the hand holding.

McKenna in her party dress.

Prayer requests. What an honor to get to pray for this little girl! May she and her momma and daddy be fully blessed!!

Lots of love Brandi! We can't wait to meet your little joy!!

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