Sunday, June 13, 2010

Duck, Duck, Duck...

We've been spending a lot of time at Polliwog Park recently. (Again, be prepared to see lots of pics from there!) It's pretty much the perfect park. It's very close to our house. It has a lake with ducks, that so far I've been able to keep my kid out of! It has multiple play areas which means, even on crowded days, it has space to spare. Plus Austin can't get bored as quickly. But my favorite two features are the acres and acres of grass and the fenced in little kid playground area. Both are horribly convenient when you have a kid that sprints like a cheetah as soon as you let go of his hand! I can let him go free in both, knowing that on the playground, he can't go far, and that on the grass, he can run carefree without me worrying about him running into the street. Of course, I get some serious exercise running after him, pushing the stroller, but hey, gotta work of this baby weight somehow!

This is Austin running free. You can see how big the park is and that's just a tiny bit of it.

This boy loves to swing!

(Photo courtesy of Becca)

This park has been Austin's first experience with ducks. He's fearless! He let a big ol' duck eat right out of his hand. He got nipped just a little bit, looked at me with a "ooh" face and then instantly signed for more bread to give the duck. We just have to make sure we go when Austin's not starving. The last time we went, he kept eating all the bread rather than throwing it.

At one point the duck started to follow Austin, which Austin thought was great. When the duck stopped to eat some bread, Austin kept trying to get the duck to follow him again.

McKenna, of course, loved the park too. Can't you tell?

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