Thursday, April 15, 2010

He Is Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter! I was so happy that McKenna came into this world early enough that we were able to get out and about on Easter. It's such a wonderful day to celebrate! I would have been sad not to be able to celebrate it with our church and our families!! I was also very excited to get to buy a Easter dress for McKenna. Easter & Christmas dresses are a huge perk to having a little girl, in my opinion!!

We started the day out with our church's "Sunrise" service. They do sunrise when sunrise is supposed to be! 10am!! (That's not the only reason we go to this church, but it sure is a bonus!!) For the last several years, our service has been held on the front lawn of the Thorrington's home which overlooks Malaga Cove. Most beautiful view! We've always had pretty warm weather but this year it was overcast and cold. (For you non-California readers...that means 60 degrees. =P Yes, we're lightweights here!)

Jeremy & Adam leading worship

I only got to stay for worship at the beginning and then took Austin to the children's church in the backyard.

Here Austin is coloring

This is how McKenna spent the whole service with Daddy. All snuggled up in her carseat. Nobody there got to see her pretty Easter dress!

But so you can see it...

After church we headed to my parents' house for lunch (ham & wicked awesome cheesy potatoes. They had bacon in them. That's all I have to say about that!) and an Easter Egg hunt.

My niece (Wiggles) and McKenna. Wiggles is so good with her! She's going to make a wonderful mommy someday!

Papa and his two girls

Two of my three favorite people!

Austin was unsure about this egg hunt stuff at first

But quickly figured it out

When he was done, he wanted to do it again, so he dumped all his eggs out. (And no, he doesn't just like blue eggs. My mom color-coordinated his since his goodies were different.)

My nephew (Monkey) and his loot

McKenna hanging out with Nani

After the Great Hunt, we headed over to Great-Grandma Crowley's for another family get together. We had a wonderful visit, lived through an earthquake and ate yummy food! I'm so bummed though - I was so busy with McKenna that I didn't take any pics!

I forgot to take our bunny ears from last Easter with us for a family picture (in fact, I forgot to get a family picture at all! I still don't have one with the four of us!!) so I took McKenna's bunny pic a few days later. Cute little bunny, dontcha think??

Happy Easter!!

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