Friday, April 30, 2010

One Month!

Wow, if I thought time was flying by with Austin, it's going twice as fast with McKenna. That could be also that I'm twice as tired as I was with Austin, so it could just be that I'm not as aware of each day as it goes by! It makes me sad though. I'm not feeling like I'm getting to savor every moment like I did with Austin. But I'm doing the best I can to take moments from the day and just stare at my baby girl and make mental heart notes of the way she is right now. Even though life is definitely a little crazy right now, I am enjoying it! I know life will get easier with each month, but I can only pray that it will slow down some!

New this month...

We're getting this 2 kid deal thing somewhat figured out! Life is very hectic but we're making it! Everyone is getting fed and bathed and I haven't lost anyone yet! McKenna is easier than Austin was in some ways, but she's more drama than I remember Austin being. She cries as if she's in pain, even if she's just tired. Thankfully she gives a good amount of warning before she's overly tired or hungry, so if I'm on it, I can avoid most of her meltdowns!

She's fully into the fussy evening phase though. I can't tell if she's still hungry, really full, is tired, or has an upset stomach when it comes to her early evening feeding. I'm trying cutting out milk for a bit to see if that makes a difference, since sometimes she seems to be in pain. But I'm starting to think that dairy isn't the problem and she's just a little out of sorts in the evenings and doesn't know what she wants. Hopefully we get it figured out soon, cuz the crying can get pretty intense some nights.

This girl has got some lungs. Our neighbor across the street has heard her! Between me screaming in labor and her screaming most nights, our neighbors are going to wonder what goes on over here! She can reach an impressive volume and pitch for such a small little package.

I witnessed my first smile the day she turned one month. I love it! I could tell she was really trying to figure it out by watching my mouth as I smiled at her.

She's got pretty good head control, in my opinion, for a one month old. On the other hand, so did Austin and I really don't have much to compare to, so maybe all one month olds have good head control!

McKenna is a wonderful sleeper! I thought Austin was good, but McKenna has him beat! She averages about 6 hours before she wakes up at night, but went more than 7 hours one night too! She sleeps late enough in the morning most days that I can get Austin fed before I have to tend to her. Sometimes I can even get a shower before she gets up too! We need to work on her falling asleep skills though. She loves to be held and the moment her head touches the mattress she's wide awake! I'm trying to find time at her naps to help her learn to fall asleep without me holding her, but it's been hard with Austin vying for attention.

With her love of being held, she is a wonderful snuggler. She likes to be held up on my shoulder, tummy to tummy. She still likes to tuck her legs up under her like a newborn. Nothing is better than baby snuggles!

Her hair is already starting to fall out on top! :( I thought Austin's fell out at the same time, but looking at his Pooh pics, he had more hair longer before he started to look like an old monk! Hopefully if her's falls out sooner, it will grow back sooner. I'll feel so bad for her if she looks like a little old man for months like Austin did! Still need to find some hats just in case!

She's getting cuter by the day. She still looks some like Austin and some like Brian. But she's definitely got her own little look. I can't wait to see how she'll change over the next few months.

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Kevin said...

Angela, she is so special, thanks for letting me hold her the other night...Love Grandpa Kevin....