Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bath Time for McKenna!

McKenna's belly button stub fell off on Easter so that meant she was officially cleared for bath time fun!

She did great! Didn't make a peep until we took her out of the water. She was apparently enjoying her spa experience and didn't want it to end!

When Austin had his first bath, we dutifully wrapped him in a towel afterwards but didn't think to put a diaper on him right away. He took that as a challenge and pooped in the towel, all over Brian. (And I'm sure you can imagine how our sweet poop/germ hating Daddy enjoyed that!) So Austin's 1st bath was promptly followed by his 2nd bath!

So this time around the block, we made sure to put a diaper on McKenna before snuggling her up in her towel. Not to be outdone by big brother, she took that as a challenge and had a giant explosion. So once again, the 1st bath was promptly followed by the 2nd bath.

With the next kid, we'll just bath them twice right away and see if that keeps the poop at bay!

All snuggled in the towel made by Grandma Helen

She has sweet fuzzy post-bath hair, just like Austin did


The Bettinos said...

Okay that's hilarious about the pooping after the bath- glad it was contained this time!

Biancavillas said...

that's one adorably chubby little baby!!! :)

The Steinmeyer Family said...

She is beautiful! Hope you are all doing well!