Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Dyed??

Austin was only 6 months old last Easter, so I painted an Easter Egg for him. This year he was still a little young to get the whole point of dying eggs but we gave it a go. Several of the eggs still look white in the pics because he definitely wasn't patient enough to leave the eggs in very long, plus I decided to prepare pastel dyes (dissolve the tablets in just water, no vinegar) because I knew this was going to be messy and I really didn't want a pink, blue, green and red child for Easter!

But he did have fun! He would plunge the egg into the cup and then quickly pull it out, spilling dye all over himself and his high chair. (Did I mention how thankful I was that I did pastel colors???) And once his high chair tray was very wet, he took to sipping up the dye. (Again...soooo thankful for pastels!!)

Momma showing him how this works

Where did your egg go?

He doesn't know it, but he is also thankful I didn't put vinegar in the dye!

I swear the egg is blue! Just very very pastel-y blue!

Red Dye Mustache


Green Dye Mustache

In action

Decorating with stickers. He liked this part a lot!

Final products

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Keisha said...

too cute! Love the video :)