Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post #1 of 3: Tag, You're it!

I had a crazy busy weekend, and rather than posting a little something every day for the next several days, I figured I'd squeeze them all into one day. So make sure you read them all and not just the last one. Otherwise, I'll be sad! =P

Friday I got tagged. I got tagged by two people. Both Rebecca & Jen tagged me so I guess I have to do it. The game is to take a photo of yourself immediately upon being tagged and post it. While I took my photo on Friday, I didn't get the chance to post it until today. So I got some of the rules right. And the rule was that you couldn't take time to freshen up or anything - You just had to take the pic. So I apologize for my disheveled and unkempt look. I did photoshop it just a touch. Hey Rebecca photoshopped hers and there were no rules against that.

Okay, okay, so I may have edited it slightly more than a little. Trust me, you don't want to see the real version. Not nearly as attractive!

Now I get to tag people!

MckMama (Not that I know that MckMama reads my posts, but a girl can hope, right??)

You gotta do it. Mostly cuz I said so. But also cuz you won't be cool without doing so. Oh and Rebecca will nag you incessantly if you don't!

Plus, I can see if you visited me and read this. So you can't hide. So there. No excuses.


Mama Monkey said...

I thought you were to take a picture of yourself! That is so cheating!!!

SteFUNie said...

Sweet! I like your hair like that!!! And holding Austin so much has totally toned your arms! lol... :)