Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post #2 of 3: Sharefest

Sharefest rocked! For those of you that aren't familiar, check out their website ( The short version is that a bunch of the churches in our area get together and do service projects at schools and community centers, all on the same day. It's a very special day and so many people are blessed by it.

I was in charge of our church's project. This year all by myself. Normally I have my trusty side-kick, Nicole, but she's swamped with two cute kiddos and so I attempted to handle it myself. Thankfully it went off with hardly a hitch, but I can't claim any of the credit. It's all God's doing. I always say that the Sharefest workday is a success in spite of me, not because of me, cuz there are always things that I don't plan for or leave enough time for but it always comes together.

This year our project was painting two very large occupational therapy rooms for a local special education preschool. One of the children in our church used to go there and it's such a blessing to families of special needs kiddos. Here are some before and after shots.

Room #1


Room #2

Me painting beautifully and skillfully!

Before and After of some benches
Matt working on sanding an outdoor box

And check out this Lock Board made by one of the guys in our church. It's something for the kids to practice their fine motor skills on. Didn't it turn out beautifully?

We (and by we, I mean other people) also cleaned all of the mats and toys. That included all the balls in a ball pit! That was a huge task all by itself!

Huge huge thanks to everyone who came and helped out. The director and the therapists were soooo excited. I can't wait to hear the reactions of the kids when they came to school this week.

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