Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I finally finished this quilt. It only took me 9 months! Granted I was only working on it one or two days a month at quilting group and at quilting group we have a hard time balancing quilting with talking. It also didn't help that it's huge and one of the most frustrating patterns ever.

I love and hate this pattern. I love how it looks, but it's mathematically impossible to make it correctly with good seam allowances. It just barely goes together. Someday I will re-engineer it to make it good.

(Ignore the fact that I'm holding it upside down. Just imagine all the little baby turtles swimming upright!)

Someday I'll post pics of the other quilts I've made. I'm quite proud of them.

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Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

I love that you know how to quilt! The quilt that you made Jared is so special to us and it will probably go with him to college someday. :-) Thanks again for stopping by today, and for the adorable dress for the baby. You are so thoughtful! It was great getting to chat and I hope this work-week goes by really fast for you so you can enjoy the weekend with your cute family.