Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post #3 of 3: 7 Months Old!

Another calendar month has clicked by at a ridiculous pace. They're getting faster and faster. My kid did some serious growing this month. He doesn't look like a baby to me much anymore. He's a little kid. Makes me wanna cry! But we're still having so much fun!

New stuff Austin is doing this month:
  • Pretty much has sitting down to a science. He still falls over occasionally but it's getting fewer and farther between.
  • Absolutely adores his "Try-Angle" toy. I'll have to post about this later. It was a present from my cousin Joanne and it's awesome. My kid has a serious attention span (did not get that from me) and can play with this thing for an hour or more at a time.
  • Is getting closer to crawling, but not quite yet. He can certainly scoot quickly to where he's not supposed to be though. He can support himself on his hands and knees for a second or two, but doesn't really know what to do from there. I'm guessing it will be soon though.
  • Loves anything that would be considered a choking/strangling hazzard. Will ignore every and all legitimate toys for long pieces of string, cables, straps to bags and good old fashion plastic bags. I already have to watch him like a hawk and he's not even that mobile!
  • Loves big boy food. He's such a cute little birdy. He hasn't really found anything he doesn't like. I mean, he'll shutter really good, but always opens up for more. I think he's like his parents - not too discriminating...just likes to eat!
  • Is getting closer to talking. Blabbers Mamamamama all day long. I, of course, am flattered! Sometimes it sounds like he's saying "my mama" and sometimes it's at quite appropriate times. Watch, his first official word will be something completely different. Like Boomer. Or Milwaukee.
  • He's one very aggressive little kisser! Especially when he's tired, he'll grab my hair on both sides and attack my cheek. He's going to have to tone that down eventually, or he'll scare off the chicks!
  • Still as sweet, silly and easy as ever. And getting even more so by the day.

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