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A Three Year Old Princess!

About a month ago, our sweet McKenna turned 3! Seems like just yesterday I was waking up neighbors with my banshee cries and almost giving birth in our brand new minivan! Her flair for dramatics hasn't waned. She is so full of personality and attitude!

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Oh, that attitude might just be the death of me though! I joke that she just turned three and we're hoping she makes it to four! The 2s started way rough and then they smoothed out some. And then right before she turned three, she got that little bee in her bonnet again! She has a very strong stubborn streak, that unfortunately she inherited from her momma! Sometimes she is very vocally defiant and other times, when you're asking her to do something, or correcting her, she just subtly sets her jaw and oh-so-slightly narrows her eyes and I know that a battle of will has begun! Thankfully now that we are a month into the 3s, the battles are spreading out again. She's working on having a loving heart and saying sorry when she's done something wrong. And I'm working on keeping my cool when she pushes buttons, cuz losing it only makes her attitude worse. Hopefully we'll get all these struggles out before adolescents, right?!

But despite our battles, she is so much fun. She makes us laugh and I'm so proud of the little girl she's becoming. She is smart and sweet and very loving. Such my good little buddy!

She has a funny sense of humor. She loves to laugh and giggle. My favorite silliness of late is how she loves for me to change the words to the songs we sing. You are My Sunshine now goes "You make me happy when skies are purple. You'll never know moose how much I love you. You have been my pickle today." That just cracks her up.

She is a bouncy little thing. She has to hop down stairs. Not just wants to, has to. If she doesn't get to, it usually starts a fight! She is always running and sashaying through the house. And bouncing on beds and in bounce houses could keep her occupied for hours!

She is going to be our creative one. She loves to color and will spend hours doing it if she could. She's very careful and does a decent job of staying in the lines for her age. Her main quirk is that she usually only uses one color per page. She could be on her way to being ambidextrous. She switches hands when coloring because they get tired, but she seems to have about the same amount of control between the two! She is all about coloring anything girly. Pinkalicious and princesses are pretty much all that get attention.

She loves playing on the computer. She's getting pretty good at using the mouse and can play a few games all by herself.

She loves puzzles! She didn't really give them much attention until just a few months ago. On and off mainly. But now she loves them!

She loves to sing! She is great with lyrics too. She knows "O Holy Night" - her favorite bedtime song still despite the less than wintery weather. And all three verses to "I am Jesus' Little Lamb". All the songs to all her princess movies. No car ride is complete without at least 3 rounds of the ABCs and It's a Small World!

She is still uber shy. She might be getting more shy. I'm not sure if it's played up because she's aware she has the power to be shy or if she really is scared of people. She immediately hides behind me if there is any men around that she doesn't know. She often says "I don't like people!"

She is very very into doing her fingernails right now. Her "Po-nailish." When Austin is at school and Bella is napping, we get some good girly time in. We either do some baking - usually cranberry orange muffins, cuz those are her favorite kind, or we do our fingers & toes. She lets me know when they get "all messed up" and she's due for an redo!

Right along with all thing girliness, she is very into her clothes & shoes! She loves wearing dresses and loves having lots of different shoes. She's very specific that her shoes match her outfit too.

She still adores Bella and still talks in an incredibly high, pretty dang annoying nonsense voice to her! I keep telling her to use real words so we don't confuse Bella, but that doesn't seem to help. Bella loves it though!

She adores her daddy too! She usually asks me at nap time if Daddy will be home when she wakes up. (Sometimes he has meetings or bible study) The other day when I answered yes, she said "Oh, that makes my heart so happy!"

I wouldn't say she adores Austin, but I think I can safely say she likes him, most of the time. They can be such good buddies sometimes. He helps her dress up in her dress up clothes and then he's her knight in shining armor. Or they'll play so good in his room with cars or reading. And then sometimes, he just irritates her so! She gets so mad at him when he teases her. I guess that's to be expected! She's starting to hit and kick him which isn't good, although the first time she started wailing on him was a little funny since he thoroughly deserved it!

We did potty training at the beginning of this year and it was an amazingly quick success! I thought it would go awfully since she can be a bit stubborn, but after the first couple days, she got the point and enjoyed her M&Ms and Hershey kisses! It took about 2 weeks for her to be trained and she's only had one accident outside of the house, and maybe less than 5 at home!

McKenna is all about dressing up like a princess. She likes to dress up like whichever princess she's watching. She's very very particular about her details too. She wears the accessories that she's deemed to go with that princess. She has a tiara that she thinks looks like Cinderella's, a necklace that goes with Rapunzel, etc. She has clear/purple Rapunzel shoes but she refuses to wear it with her Rapunzel dress, because in the movie Rapunzel is barefoot. Instead she thinks they look like glass slippers, so until she got some official Cinderella glass slippers, she wore the Rapunzel ones with her Cinderella dress.

She's all about all the princess movies too. Tangled was, and still is, her first love. But Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella (I, II, & III)are close behind. She knows nearly all the lines to each of those. And Sofia the First is right up there.

She is incredibly talkative! Whereas Austin asks about 1,000 questions a day, McKenna has 1,000 things she wants to tell me about. From what she wants to wear in her hair the next day to what her favorite toy is. Every statement or question always starts or ends with the very distinctive way she says "Mom". She kinda draws it out in a odd way. It's hard to explain, but I have video of it somewhere. Bella is starting to call me Mom in the same manner.

My favorite McKenna-ism these days - "Just because". When she answers any kind of "why" question, her answer always starts with "Just because..." "Why did you hit Austin?" "Just because he was being mean!" Sometimes it's included in some circular statements. "I like pink just because I like pink!"

She's still a peanut! A whopping 28lbs at 3 years. I can't find her card to get her exact height but she's still about 70% there. She actually eats better than Austin does when it comes to what she'll eat, but just not a lot of it. Funny enough, the reason she's more adventurous is because she likes to point out "Well, I like it!" when Austin complains that he doesn't like something. Hey, I'll take competitiveness if that's what it takes to get my kids to eat! No amount of peer pressure seems to work on Austin yet though.

Her hair is getting so long now. Just shy of the middle of her back. She is incredibly patient, letting me do all sorts of fun braids in it. And she loves to have a bow or flower that matches her outfit. Her eyes are the most gorgeous blue! She's growing out of her toddler cuteness and is turning into a really beautiful little girl!

Just like I'm trying to remember to do with Austin, I asked her a handful of questions about what she likes at 3. It'll be fun to see how these change over the years!

Favorite show - Sofia the First, the kite one (trolls)
Favorite food - Watermelon
Favorite Breakfast - Waffles
Favorite Movie - Tangled/Beauty and the Beast/Cinderella
Favorite thing to do with Mommy - Snuggle and say I love you
Favorite thing to do with Daddy - Play and roll around, Bat Tent Covers
Favorite thing to do with Austin - Play Super Why
Favorite color - pink and purple
Favorite song - O Holy Night
Favorite Toys - Princess Stuff
Favorite Candy - Rolos
Favorite Drink - Cranberry Juice
Best Friend - Sofie (Robinson)
Favorite Snack - Fishies
When she grows up - Wants to go to school. Be a big mommy

I think that's it! Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for our little princess!

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