Monday, May 13, 2013

10 & 11 Months

Bella turned 11 months this week and I still haven't written her 10 month update! Momma fail. I'm going to have to go off of memory as what was by 10 months and what was by 11 months.

Have I mentioned before how much I love this kid? She is simply awesome. So much fun and getting even moreso each day! She cracks me up and radiates sunshine and joy!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

By 10 Months

Her top two teeth came in with little fuss. It's funny how those teeth look like they're about to pop through any moment...for about 3 weeks! They actually probably still had a few days to go but she slipped in the tub and bonked her mouth and a corner popped through. Nothing like a bloody mouth to get a momma's heart racing!

Her right eye was almost clear! At 9 months it was still way goopy. And then she got a cold. I have to sincerely thank whoever exposed us to those germies! I hadn't really given her left eye clearing up much thought until the right eye started out and I remembered that she had a cold at 6 months too! I guess the pressure of the sinuses pushed the blockage out somewhat. I had already made an appointment with the eye specialist and she recommended surgery still since it wasn't completely clear. They like to do the before a year old so it's more likely to stick. This was about a week after the cold. She also thought I was a looney thinking the cold had something to do with it. I pushed for re-eval after a month since the clearing was such a new event. About a week ago, Austin was in the dr's office for a virus and I had the dr look at Bella's eye while we were there. She thought the blockage was so slight that she wasn't sure she'd even do the surgery. And she absolutely agreed it was the cold that cleared it up! I knew it! A momma knows these things! We had the follow up appointment this week and she's 100% clear! The specialist was shocked and admitted she was wrong! She doesn't need surgery! Yay for colds!

She's still a pretty easy going kid, but she is definitely developing her own opinions and can be a bit stubborn and cranky now. She has 3 things she has found a hatred for! She HATES to be locked off the stairs. She loves to crawl up the stairs. As soon as she hears someone go through the gate, she beelines for the stairs, hoping to make it through before it's closed. She looks like a little ice breaker ship, just tearing through whatever toys are in her way. And when her hopes and dreams are crushed, she lets you know her extreme disappointment! Lots of shrieks, sometimes crying. Angry little elf! She also hates to be washed up after a meal. Same shrieks and angry face. We're getting better at making it a game so hopefully that won't be a struggle for long. And she absolutely abhors getting changed and dressed. I can only change her with a leg over her chest to keep her from escaping. And once I get to the actual clothes swapping part, she is super pissed off! Doesn't matter if I'm trying to change her standing up or laying down. Really hoping that gets better soon. Thankfully, if you're not doing one of those three things to her, she's really really a happy joyful little thing!

She's starting to get a little naughty. I had these dreams about a kid that actually listens but I guess I was mistaken. She's a tiny bit better than the other ones, but mostly I'm getting creative with how to block her off from certain No-No's. The TV stand, bathrooms, computer (which she already broke a piece off of!) She does not like to be denied!

She does this way cute scrunchie face that I just love! She does it when she's both happy and sad, but her happy one is really funny. She does it at us at the dinner table to get us all to smile at her. Already getting a sense of humor.

By 11 Months

Cruising has become free standing! It's amazing how quickly it goes from that first attempt to being able to stand there and play with toys without holding on. She was even shaking toys while standing yesterday. She took a step the other day. Mostly just a fluke step but it still counts! I'm guessing she will be walking by a year or shortly there after.

She has become seriously attached to her binkie and blankie. When she's tired and fussy, I ask her if she wants to go find them and she does this nervous little giggle and then when she gets them she just melts in my arms. She still does her little tired moan when she has them. Love that sound!

She has so many more words than I thought she'd have at 11 months. She says and signs "Down" and "All Done". "Dadda" sounds more like a "Hi Dadda!" She's figured out "Uh-Oh!" and likes to drop things just so she can say it. Her favorite is "GO!" That's her mantra as she goes up the stairs and also gets substituted in for "All done". She's just now saying "What's that?" as she points to things. Her little pointing is so cute! It's both for questions and for excitement at the sight of different people or things! She also seems to be getting into the immediate imitation of sound phase too. When you tell her to say something, she gets pretty close I think!

She's learned what a fishie says and she knows how to use that for giving kisses. Such sweet kisses!

She really really loves ceiling fans still.

Man, can this kid eat! It's awesome. Anything and everything! She easily can out eat the other kids. Her favorite is strawberries I think. She likes so much though, that I'm not sure she actually has a favorite. She gets so cutely excited at the sight of a ritz cracker and her sippy cup. She just recently figured out how to use a straw too and thinks its the most amazing thing in the world to have some of mommy's lemonade. She's getting a little bit of a belly, so I'm trying to limit her, but it's such a joy to have an eater!

She's starting to rough house with the big kids. They still don't quite know how to play with her without hurting her, so it always makes me nervous to let them, but before she gets hurt, she thinks it's so fun to be one of the big kids. She comes at them too and of course they can dish it out but don't like it so much when she pokes them back! It's really fun watching them all interact. Love it!

I now have 3 kids I have to compete with for the iPad. She is obsessed with both it and my phone. It's scary that she already has a sense of how to use it. Her little pointy finger swipes across it just like it's supposed to!

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