Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pumpkins, Ponies, & Petting

We had so much fun last year at the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch last year that we tried to go again this year. But it just didn't work out. Nobody could go with us and the day we had planned to go, both kids came down with crummy colds. And the idea of driving 40 minutes to go walk around a pumpkin patch with two sick kiddos, by myself, just did not sound like like a fun time!

So when Rebecca mentioned that the nearby pumpkin lot by the mall had a petting zoo & horses & pony rides, we made a change of plans. Austin was looking forward to a tractor, but I knew pony rides would top that. Plus I loved that it was 10 minutes away and nap time wouldn't be affected for the day!

Apparently being sick interferes with Austin's ability to hear or obey, cuz he was a handful that day! But he did have fun!!

First we checked out the horses. Once again Austin really really wanted to ride the big horses! I had to keep him from climbing into the stalls! He was definitely very fascinated with them.

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So I took him to the horses that he could ride. Jack was disappointed they weren't full sized horses, but Austin apparently didn't mind!

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Then we checked out the petting zoo. The animals here were not nearly as friendly as the ones at Tanaka Farms. They seemed a little intolerant of small children. Austin's instant volume increase and mad dashing around was a pretty good clue as to why. But while most animals would just run away, these ones were defensive! There was one particular goat that kept butting Austin anytime he got close! My fearless wild man. He was surprised the first time it happened, but was not deterred from trying to pet the darn thing! I think he got hit about 3 times before I could catch him and keep him away from the goat! You can see the sheep put of a united front when he went for them, so I quickly shuffled him over to the tame and docile llama! He at least got to pet something!

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Austin's cold caught up with him and he ran out of steam fairly quickly after the petting zoo. So he was fairly uncooperative when I was trying to get a picture of the kids with their pumpkins. This is the best I got. Still works!

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