Wednesday, January 4, 2012

21 Months

Only one week (and change) late this time. Making progress!

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New this month...

McKenna is officially a weaned child! Not officially by 21 months, but by 21 months and 1 day. My pregnant body wasn't really giving either of us a choice and honestly it is nice to not have to nurse someone for a whole 5 months! She surprised me by not totally freaking out. Only the very first missed feeding was rough and all the rest have been totally fine. She still loves me to snuggle and sing to her while she drinks her sippy cup of milk, so both of us are happy. I was afraid I'd lose my snuggle time with her.

Along the same lines, she's now a food lover! The last month she's started eating like a little piggy. Twice as much as Austin does. That was my main motivation for actually weaning her - I knew she was finally getting enough calories. She LOVES pasta and will ask for it for every meal. And hot dogs are probably a close second. She even pretends to eat hot dogs on her new tea set plates. "Pips" (chips) are also requested at every meal. She's getting really good at using a fork and a spoon too. She can even feed herself yogurt. I do have to watch her cuz when she's done eating, she starts fingerpainting with her food.

Just when I thought her love of drinking any water available had waned some, she started drinking the Christmas tree water. Even used poor Baby Jesus from our Little People nativity set as a cup.

Apparently McKenna thinks Daddy drives fast cuz she insists on going "Wheeeeeee" for the majority of the time we're driving. Cracks me up!

She has perfected bouncing seat drops. Her favorite spot to bounce is daddy's tummy but when she gets tired/nutso she'll start doing seat drops just about anywhere. Even just carpet. Hurts my back to watch! Obviously I try to keep her from doing that, but when she just randomly does it!

She's been asking to go potty more and more, even though it is usually after she's already gone. But she'll try to go and then announces happily "I did it!" And then she excitedly prances out to the front you and announces "Potty! Potty! M!!!" to whoever is there. Austin so sweetly responds "Good job Kenna! I so proud of you!" I decided today to try potty training her at the same time as Austin and she did great! Two small accidents but by the end of the day she was really getting it!

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