Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Really not sure why I'm a week late on this! Busy week I guess!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

New this month...

Tooth #8 popped through a day after I wrote the last post. I think molars may be on the horizon soon. She's going to be like Austin and skip teeth #9-12 and go right to the molars.

We're making progress on food finally! She's getting less picky, kinda. Once I force a piece into her mouth and hold it closed so she has to chew and swallow, (aren't I a loving, gentle momma?) then she usually realizes I'm not feeding her rat poison and will start eating the food herself, or at least let me continue to feed it to her without hitting it away. That is unless Daddy is around...

She is such a Daddy's girl! She tries to insist that he be the one to feed her dinner. If he's home, she will fight me but will let him feed her. If he's not around, she'll settle for me. And when I go to clean her up, she asks for him instead! Other than making dinnertime a little complicated, it really is the sweetest thing! When he comes home, she goes running for the door calling for him. She loves to tell him "hi Dada", over and over and over. And even when he's not here, she frequently asks for him. It's a good thing I think he's pretty wonderful too, otherwise it might hurt my feelings a bit!

Lots more words this month. I think the most used and one of the cutest was "Stuck!!" She loves to tell you what an elephant says. If you ask her what we do with flowers, she scrunches up her nose and sniffs.

She's started singing. I think she has fairly good pitch too! She likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle - she does the "Up above the world" part. And there's a few Little Einstein tunes that she likes to sing along with and she likes to start "Daisy Daisy".

This child is a bit obsessed with playing Peekaboo. Or Pee-boo as she calls it. She likes to play with her bib instead of eating, which usually results in all the food in her bib going into her hair. She'll play with her blanket or my shirt instead of nursing. And today she played in her crib with her blanket all by herself for about 30 minutes instead of sleeping! She likes to play in my parents' playhouse too - frantically calling out "Pee-boo! Pee-boo!" when she sees it! Easily entertained!

She is also a bit obsessed with water. She loves to splash and drink it. No matter what the source. To our horror, she thinks toilets are a perfectly good place to splash! We are having to keep a close eye on all bathrooms everywhere we go! It's awful! Hopefully she outgrows this love by the time she learns how to open doors! And I have to keep any toys that can hold water out of the bathtub, so she can't drink that too! Thankfully she also likes my water bottle, so she does get some clean water! Someone suggested I have her tested for diabetes, cuz she will drink and drink and drink if you let her! I'm considering it!

She started giving fist bumps. It's a finger poke with an accompanying "pssshh" to blow it up.

McKenna is starting to mimic Austin a bunch. She's done it a bit before, but this month she just wants to be doing everything he's doing and saying everything he's saying. If he tells me know "no", she parrots right after him with the exact same inflection. Being told "No!" in stereo is great! :| My absolute favorite was while they were watching "Finding Nemo" the other day. Austin loves the seagulls and when they came on, he came running over to me at the computer to tell me that seagulls say "Mine! Mine! Mine!" then he ran back to the couch. McKenna was tagging along right behind him the whole time and as soon as he left my side, she was at it saying "Mine! Mine! Mine" and then zipped back behind him back to the couch. It was so cute!

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