Sunday, July 11, 2010

Under Construction

Seeing as my header was so old, if you looked really really carefully, you could see little cobwebs on the pixels, not to mention I now have an additional kiddo that was not being represented at all, I decided it's time to redesign the blog. This is just a temporary step while I figure out what I want to do. Surprisingly Blogger has just recently offered some new and exciting options with their formats, that I'm kinda digging. So the end result may or may not be like it is right now. Haven't really thought it out thoroughly.

I promise I will get back to posting shortly. My main change was to make my post width larger, so that my pictures can be bigger, so you can see my cute kiddos more clearly! And I decided where I'm at post-wise would be a good place to transition. In the meantime, bear with me!

1 comment:

Kytten said...

Good for you for revamping. I need to do that, too. Now that I actually have a computer to post on I just need to get myself in gear to do it!