Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tiger Goes Roar! Ahhhh?

As I mentioned in a previous post, a while ago now, we started weekly playdates/outings with the other kids at church. Our first outing was to the LA Zoo. We had a great time! I love seeing how much more Austin notices each time we go. And since he's learning about more and more animals at home each month, it's pretty darn fun to see him make the connections between the pics he's seen and the real deal.

(Disclosure...Rebecca and I just recently discovered how to make "storyboards" easily and are slightly addicted. Although, I really feel like it's a win-win...I get to post a ton of pics, cuz you know I was going to post them anyway, and you don't have to scroll down as much when reading my posts. )

Austin looking ready for an adventure in his new safari hat. He actually kept it on, which was a first since he learned how to use his arms at like 5 months!

Some of Austin's little buddies. He is starting to remember them more and other than occasional bouts of shyness, he has a lot of fun playing with them.

By far the favorite animal of the day was the tiger. He was in rare form - roaring and growling loud the whole time. We stopped by a couple times and Austin did not want to leave. (read...he threw a bit of a tantrum when it was time to go! Fun times!) He was just mesmerized! The tiger also started to play with a big ball, which Austin loved! When the tiger stopped, Austin started signing "more" over and over. I tried to explain that the tiger does not understand sign language, but I don't think Austin got that.

Anytime Austin sees these pics on my computer he insists on seeing the "Ahhh" video. Over and over and over! And even over a month later, if you ask him what he likes at the zoo, he says "Ahhh!"

Wrangling some animals (statues) at the kids' park

I can't not post pics of more of the animals. It's just a thing with me and zoos. I know the giraffes never change and I also know that I'm not going to get an award winning photograph of one at the zoo, but I still gotta take them! I'm doing better though - I used to mostly just take pics of the animals and not the people looking at them. And who we were with is more important to me now, than what we saw. Still need the animals though.

And one more of my sweet boy cuz I just love the look on his face.

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