Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cruelest of All Cuts....Apparently

Austin was in dire need of a haircut. See?

My sweet shaggy little guy.

So we went to a place called First Cuts to get his hair cut. They have rocketships to sit in. It was very cute. Auntie Suz came along to document his first big cut!

Austin enjoying his rocket seat.

First cut. Not too bad. Didn't like the sound or feel of the scissors.

So we went for the clippers. He wasn't crazy about the clippers either.

And then there was crying.

Then it got worse...

and worse...

and worse.

Then puffs helped.

But sometimes even puffs can't help.

Then he perked up some and she finished cutting his hair...

even though there was still some wiggling.

Then she tried to brush the hair off.

That really did not go over well.

But thankfully the haircut came out great, despite it all!

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Mama Monkey said...

I Love the last picture!!! Wish we'd had someone come with us on Bryce's first cut. Don't have any pictures of that. :(