Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 Months!?!?

New this month...

If I thought he was crawling fast last month, I was wrong! He moves out now! Of course, still when he's trying to get to something or somewhere he knows he's not supposed to be! But my favorite is when I go to pick him up from my Mom and she puts him down across the house and he crawls to me. He gets going so fast and he shrieks in amusement/excitement at the same time. Melts a momma's heart, I tell you!

He likes to chase after you crawling too. Brian says that Austin is in his herd. So they go tromping around the house like that...Austin shrieking as he goes!

He has perfected pulling himself up on the furniture and is now cruising around it all. We really have to watch what we leave out now.

It took him a while to figure out how to get down from standing. He would stand there until his little legs would shake before he would let me know he wanted down. When he finally figured it out, he would carefully hold on with one hand and slowly lower himself to the ground until his other hand touched the floor. Then he would let go. It was very cute to see. He's more confident in his squatting abilities now though and just goes for it.

He's becoming a bit of a climber. This means that our fancy babyproofing with the pillows isn't working quite as well, cuz he just climbs up on those and gets to where we were trying to block!

He loves loves loves to climb on Brian. They call it King of the Mountain. He tries to get up and over the back of the couch. And he could probably do it by himself if we let him.

Tooth #2 came in without any incident! He's chewing on his hands a lot, so I think the top 2 will be coming in soon, although they don't look like it yet.

He is chattering so much. I wish I knew what he was saying, because it sounds fascinating!

He shrieks...a lot! Happy shrieks. Funny shrieks. But loud shrieks! My favorite was when he grabbed Brian's face in his hands, pulled it close to his own face and then just yelled! Funniest thing we'd seen yet! He also likes it when you shriek back, so we have contests sometimes.

I think he likes to sing. He just makes "la" sounds in different pitches and likes it when I sing along. We try to harmonize. I would say it probably sounds pretty darn bad to the outside listener, but we think it's beautiful! =P

Have I mentioned what a good sleeper he is? His naps are long and predictable. 1.5hr in the morning and 2-3hr in the afternoon. Sometimes longer! It's wonderful! I miss him while he's asleep, but I do get lots done too.

He's started doing this funny nose squishing thing. He does it when he's upset, when he's thinking, when he's hungry. It looks like he has a bug up his nose or something! I love it! I'll try to capture it with the camera one of these days before he stops doing it!

Still is not crazy about diaper changes or putting clothes on. Cannot, for the life of me, figure out what his deal is. It's getting a little better, but at times I have to strap him down or put him on the floor and virtually sit on him to make it work! He prefers to get dressed standing up now too, so once the diaper is on, he usually gets to stand up and that has been helping.

Loves going outside in the morning to see the cats. He's learning to be gentle too.

He's becoming a little shy and clingy now. Not too bad though. I hear it's a normal time for this phase though.

He is a great eater. Loves his finger foods. Cheese is his absolute favorite right now. He does this cute little head tilt when he realizes it's cheese in front of him, like "Oh, I like those!!" and then proceeds to shovel as many pieces in as he can. He was chipmunking it for a while, hoping to maximize what I would give him, but now he's doing better about taking his time. I think he realizes he gets more that way!

Loves his Carseat Pooh. We have lots of Winnie the Poohs, if you haven't figured that out by now. Giant Pooh, Night Night Pooh, etc. Carseat Pooh is his stuffed one that stays in the car. Once he's buckled in he gets it. And he grabs it and gives it a big ol' kiss. Okay, it looks like he's biting its face off, but I'm pretty sure it's a kiss. Pooh has a rattle inside too, so he bounces it around while we drive. It's very fun to listen to.

Likes to play this game while he's snuggling or nursing where he pushes my face away so I can't look at him. When I turn back he's pushes again. But if I keep my head turned he pulls my chin back towards him while laughing. He has such a quirky sense of humor already. Such his daddy's boy! I love it!

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