Monday, August 24, 2009

Austin's 1st (and last!) Plane Trip

I've been trying to get this post out for more than two weeks now! We went right from traveling chaos into teething chaos and needless to say, we're all a little tired around here!

Two weekends ago, Brian, Austin and I traveled to Michigan to visit Brian's brother Sean and his wife Sarah. We had a wonderful long weekend with them and were so sad to go! Getting there was rough and getting back was even more so!

We took a redeye flight there. Big mistake!! I was thinking "Oh Austin is such a great little sleeper, he'll zonk right out!" Wow, was I ever wrong! There was so much to see! So many people to stare at! I eventually was able to nurse him to sleep with maybe 1.5 hours left of our flight to Chigao. And he did zonk out on our connecting flight to Traverse City. Thank goodness! But we did all crash pretty hard once we got to our hotel room.

My cute little worn out travelers

(Oh and I'm a bad momma, blogger, scrapbooker because I have no official pics of his 1st flight. I was so preoccupied with getting him to sleep, I didn't take any pics! :( Waah!)

So onto our trip! We had such a great time. Michigan is just beautiful! Sean and Sarah have a gorgeous house, nestled in amongst the trees, out in the middle of nowhere, but not really out in the middle of nowhere, which is great. My requirements for living are that there are stores and food within 15 minutes. And that's where they are. Out in nature, but within driving distance of a hamburger!

Auntie Sarah and Austin

Look! Nature!

Awesome barn about 5 minutes from their house!

I wish I had gotten some pics of Austin chasing the cats. Sean and Sarah have 4 not-small cats. And by not-small, I mean gargantuan. About the size of Austin. He had a ball chasing them all weekend. I think he only caught one once because he doesn't know how to quietly sneak up on them. His exuberance just could not be contained and he'd shriek with glee at the sight of them!

The 1st night we were there we got to have dinner with Brian's cousin, Keegan, and his family too. They live in Kentucky and we rarely get to see them, but they just happened to be vacationing in the area. Good timing!

Austin, Ty, and Fisher playing together

Fisher & Austin racing

Keegan & Ty

The next day we went out to a lake on Sean & Sarah's pontoon boat. The lake has a sandbar that everyone just pulls their boats up to. Then you can get out and wade around. Austin didn't quite like the water at first (just slightly colder than the heated pool we go to for swimming lessons!) but he got used to it for a bit. Then his lips started turning blue and we were done for the day!

Showing off his cool lifejacket. Poor little guy could barely move in it!

Captain Sean

Hanging out with Daddy in the water; Sporting a killer hat!

Floating along

Drying off and warming up! (Notice the blue lips? Oops!)

Loving the wind in his hair! He was bouncing up and down as we went fast.

Friday night & Saturday we putzed around the house and town. Sean & Sarah took us to some good eating spots, including one of the best hamburgers I've ever had, one of the best salads I've ever had, and some of the best ice cream I've ever had (straight from the cow!)

Sunday we went out on a different lake. Did a little swimming but mostly watched Brian & Sean drive Sean's remote control boat.

The little boat

Austin and Uncle Sean

And them Monday we came home. That flight was way worse! Austin slept for the first 40 minutes and gave us hope of a good flight. Then he woke up tired and cranky and squirmed and whined and cried for the last 3 hours! I did, however, get cute pics of him on the trip home!

Waiting for takeoff

The short lived nap!

Surviving the rest of flight. Thankful Momma didn't throw him out the emergency hatch. (Notice the ecstatic look on Brian's face?)

All in all it was a wonderful trip though! Just next time we're driving to see them!

Thanks for having us, Sean & Sarah!!


Oh and I have to include this picture, cuz it just cracks me up. Apparently the school was named after someone with the surname "Black" but still...they could have come up with a better, more 21st century name for the school, dontcha think?? Sean assures me that they are very forward thinking, there in Michigan, but I dunno! =D

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oh man, you are not making me excited to fly with Luke...not that we have any trips planned in the near future, but that doesn't sound fun! Missed you guys at swimming today...