Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Three, I'm Big, I Ride A Horse!

(I'm behind! Story of my life. I swear I have good reasons!!)

My little man is 3! So crazy to believe. He's definitely growing into a little boy and no longer my little toddler! He keeps me super busy and while I'm not happy with him every moment of the day, I sure do enjoy him!

He was so excited when he realized his birthday was coming up. If you asked him how old he was going to be, he'd answer "Three! I'm big! I ride a horse!" I don't know if he really remembered riding a horse for his 2nd birthday or if he was remembering it from Easter and just really wanted to do it again. Apparently riding a horse was something he equated with being big! Although sometimes he also added "I ride an elephant!" and I have no idea where that came from! He must have realized his birthday was coming up about 3 weeks before the date, because if you asked him when he'd be turning 3, he always answered in 3 weeks, even a few days before!

He thoroughly enjoyed his birthday - all three days of it! I have lots of posts coming, hopefully sometime soon, so I'll be posting about all 3 of his celebrations! a full weekend seemed fitting though, considering how much we love this kid!

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New this quarter...

I've had several people comment that they felt the Terrible Twos were nothing compared to the 3s! And as we approached his birthday, I'm starting to believe them! While still generally a happy kid, he has become the incredibly disagreeable at times! Not grumpy necessarily, just disagreeable. He has to contradict every.single.thing.we.say! It is starting to wear. Me - "Oh look, what a pretty tree!" Austin - "No! It's NOT a pretty tree!" Doesn't matter what it is, he has to disagree! Me - "The sky is blue. Water is wet." Austin - "NO! The sky is NOT blue! Water is NOT wet!!" I'm hoping this doesn't last for the whole year. Please, please, someone tell me this doesn't last for the whole year!!

Right along with the disagreeing has come ignoring. He will flat out ignore what you say if he doesn't want to hear it. Not sure if that's a 3 year old thing or a guy thing!? The other day Brian asked him to do something and Austin didn't acknowledge him at all. Brian asked him if he was ignoring him and he responded "Yup!" :|

On the other hand, some of my favorite moments have been when he wraps his arms around my legs and says "Mommy, you're my best friend!" Absolutely can't beat that! That melts away all the crummy moments of toddlerhood!

Man, can this kid do puzzles! I think I mention it every update, cuz it amazes me everytime. He can now zip through 50+ piece ones in a few minutes. He got a 100 piece one for his birthday that he finished fairly quickly with minimal coaching on the 1st try. I love that the box says "Ages 6+"!

Potty training is in about the same spot as last time. We've been doing training in sporatic bursts - doing a few underpants days and then take a break...usually for my sanity after the underpants days don't go well! He does great staying dry a few days and other days, not so well. We even tried a pantless day and that did not go well, to say the least. (It's also know as the "Huge Pile of Poo in the Kitchen" Day. Yeah, it went that well!) In general, I feel like he's making progress though.

He definitely got his daddy's funny bone. His comedic timing is just perfect sometimes! I don't even know where he comes up with some of the stuff he says. My favorite was one day I was tucking him in for a nap and he couldn't find his blankies, that happened to be in his hand. When I pointed that out to him, he replied "Oh you're right, mom! My bad!" I couldn't keep from giggling profusely. I guess he picked that up from me, but I didn't know it. Now he knows that that line is funny and he tries to use frequently. He also has a bit of a Gaffigan-esque style of questioning something you say. Kills me! He definitely goes out of his way for a laugh.

His love of songs is exploding! He's developing such a good memory too. He's got all 3 verses of "I am Jesus Little Lamb" down and will correct you if you sing it wrong. I started him on some Christmas hymns so that by December he'll have them all down. He loves being sung to while getting his back scratched (kid after my own heart right there!) at naptime & bedtime.

He's developed a handful of odd habits. Austin-isms if you will...

He's started saying is that Daddy loves him and that I love McKenna. And he loves Dad & McKenna loves me. We usually group up that way, but he can't quite comprehend that it's possible for us to love them both! He doesn't say it as though he's sad though. Just a matter of fact. I hope that passes quick cuz it kills me to think there's even a sliver of that in his little head!

He insists on putting his socks under his pillow when he sleeps! He goes as far as to pick up dirty ones off the bedroom floor and use them if he's not currently wearing any! He insists they're lucky! I have NO idea where he got that!

If he's ever walking around outside without shoes on, he only walks on his "tippy toes!" And that's usually accompanied by a sing song voice "Tippy Toes! Tippy Toes! Tippy Toes!"

And my absolute favorite one - He greats every day with such joy! Love it! Every time he opens the door, he proclaims "It's a beautiful day, Mom!" Even a gloomy dark day does nothing to quench his joy! Love his heart!

Gosh, I feel like I'm forgetting a bunch. He certainly keeps us on our toes and keeps us smiling! Love this boy! Best 3 years of my life!!

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