Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Half Past One

I have a good excuse for being a week late on this update! I've been party planning like a crazy woman this week, getting Austin's party all ready to go! It was an awesome day! But now that I don't have 19 box cars to construct and paint anymore (wait for the pictures to come! They were so cool!) I can get back to getting caught up on my blog! I'm a full 2 months behind already and that is just not okay!

Once again, amazing month with my little girl. Love her to death! It absolutely floors me that she is the same age that Austin was when she was born! Partly because I still feel like she's my baby baby, (even though she's at the exact same milestones he was, similar size and talks way more) and partly because I feel like her first 18 months zipped by in a blur compared to his and I wish I could rewind it and watch it all again and just savor it a touch more!

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New this month...

She's officially a big girl cuz she has a big girl bed! I'll post more on that at a later time with pictures. (I promise, I'm gonna get caught up soon!) But just to say, she's doing great and LOVES her bed! She loves to show people who come over her new "night night". She's only gotten out once or twice and usually just lays right down and goes to sleep. She's a girl after my own heart - she loves her sleep!

Since I happened to go to the dr's already, some stats - 32.25" tall (70%) & 21 lbs (8%). Dropped a few % on height and is holding steady on weight. She is generally in 18m tops but will still fit in the occasional 12m. Now that we're entering pants weather it will be interesting. She's too tall for most 12m but too skinny for 18m. The summer was great for shorts and capris! I found a few that fit okay. Hopefully I can find a few more!

Her first two molars came in finally! I'm actually not sure about her other ones, she hardly lets me get a look in there or put in a finger to check. I think they are fairly close if not through in tiny spots.

And with teeth came better eating. Finally! It was more like 6 weeks bad and 2 weeks good this last time. Just in the last couple weeks, she's really picked up how much she eats and a bit more variety, which is great! Just in time for a dr's appt Tuesday, so I was able to report she's eating good.

She had her first night away from Mommy two weekends ago. I was at a Women's retreat for two days and one night. She did pretty good. Daddy reported she cried a bit when I wasn't there to feed her in the morning but promptly got over it and chose to go back to sleep rather than drink a sippy cup. That gives me tons of comfort since Brian and I are taking our first weekend away from the kids this weekend.

Man, is she a defiant little girl! She will do exactly what you just asked her not to, especially if it involves putting things in her mouth! She also thinks "McKenna, come here" is the starting words for racing in the opposit direction. She always stops, gives you the coyest smile, and then bolts! Sometimes she's defiant cuz she thinks it's funny, but if you make her mad then she really gets defiant! Tantrums were somewhat better this month but she definitely has a temper!

She loves "jumping" - Bouncing while taking one foot off the floor. She watches Austin closely and is determined to figure it out. While I was out of town, Daddy took the kids to Kids Concepts and she discovered a love for the bouncer. Now she bounces on the couch & her bed even more than before.

Oh my goodness, so many words! She just floors me! She will attempt to repeat just about anything you tell her and can do a fairly good job. One day I got a really clear "alligator" out of her! One word she NEVER says, though, is "Yes". She answers "please" if you ask her if she wants something. If "please" isn't an appropriate answer (ex Do you like...) she doesn't answer usually. If you ask her if she can say "yes", she simply answers "no". Just the last couple days she's started saying "yeah" occasionally if you ask her to say yes. This is just so funny to me!

My favorite "word" of the month has been "oosh". That's what she calls dogs. Apparently in our house, dogs go "oosh". Anytime she sees anything that even remotely resembles a dog, she calls it this. When she enters my parents' house, she will often immediately start asking for the "oosh" which means she wants to carry around the picture of Boomer. She LOVES animals and gets so excited whenever she sees a dog or cat, to the point of tantrum if she can't go pet them.

She knows "herself" now. If you ask who McKenna is, she sweetly points to herself.

One of my favorite new things this month is her love of waking Austin up. She generally gets up before he does and when it's time to get him up, she gets so excited! At first she gently pokes him and gets down in his face and says "hi!", over and over. Then if he needs more prodding, she gets a little firmer. It cracks me up! She so loves her brother!

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