Thursday, March 4, 2010

She's Here!

Oh, did you think I meant McKenna? No, sorry, not McKenna. She's still cooking! And hopefully will be for several more weeks. I'm still enjoying being pregnant and still need some "Just Austin" time!

So who's here? Why, "Tessa, the Heffernan Hauler", of course! She's my new MommaMobile! (Yes, I name my vehicles. I just like the name Tessa & "Little Heffernan" is how we used to refer to Austin sometimes. We watch too much "King of Queens"!) I love her!! And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that her arrival has been almost as anticipated as McKenna's! I'm definitely not one of those women that is embarrassed to be driving a minivan. To me, it's like a rite of passage into "Official MommaHood".

I could have fit two kiddos in my Civic, but that would have been about it. Once you stick a stroller in the trunk, you can't haul anything else. No groceries, no packages, nothing! Plus, my front seat passengers have been sitting with their knees up by their ears with Austin's carseat behind that seat. And on top of that, if you take into account that my sweet hubby is a mere 6'3" tall, there's no way he could drive either of our cars with a carseat behind the driver's seat. So really, a minivan was completely necessary!

But oh, the space! So much space!! We have seating for 8. There are more storage spots than I know what to do with! Honda moved where they store the spare tire from behind the front seats to the back, so that spot is now an in-the-floor storage. I drove it to quilting the day after we bought it and was amazed that not only could I fit all my equipment and my kid, I could also fit all of Susan's equipment. And that was without even putting the seats down! Ah, I was in heaven. Oh and it has just a few cupholders. Just 14!

It has auto sliding doors, with which I have already fallen in love, with just one kid in my arms. It's going to be awesome with two kids!

This is what I was meant to drive!

So without further ado, introducing "Tessa, the Heffernan Hauler"

Ain't she purdy?!?

My fancy new dashboard. I'm almost done learning what all the neat buttons do!

Just look at all that space!!

Austin really couldn't care less what car his seat is in. As long as he has a toy, he's a happy rider!


Keisha said...

Very nice!!!

(Isabella has the same care seat as Austin) :)

Biancavillas said...

How about fitting two kids in the old CRX?!?!?! LOL