Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 Months

Please don't mind the lack of smile in this month's Pooh pic! I had to bribe the boy with fishies just to get him to sit. So his funny little smirk is really cuz he's got a fishy in there!

It's really scary how tall he looks in this pic to me too!! I'm hoping it's just because he's slouching or the angle, cuz he's too young to look so big!

New this month...

Austin has learned several more words this month. And he's getting somewhat more understandable. Although I'm still probably the only one that knows what he's saying. (I was always impressed with moms who could understand their toddlers when all it sounds like is gibberish to anyone else. Turns out it's just a natural mom thing.)

His best new word is "this". It has replaced his "hmmm"s that I mentioned last month. Which is a bummer since I never really got good video of those! He's horribly cute with his "this" though. He uses it both when he's asking what something is and when he wants something.

He can say most words that start with a "B". He says Boomer, ball, Bob, balloon, boom. They are only subtly different from each other but they are different. He can clearly say "cheese" now too. I was very excited about that one, since it's one that he knew the sign for also and normally if he knows the sign he only does that if you ask him if he can "say" something. He was very proud of his "cheese" too. The first time he got it, he said it over and over again for the entire lunch!

He says "Pooh" & "Tigger" too. Pooh is pretty clear. Tigger....not so much. He just tries to make the 'G' sound but it comes out "Kkcchchtsckh". He sounds very German! He gets very excited whenever he sees a Tigger too. And he love the cartoon "My Friends Tigger & Pooh" so much that often times he'll wake up and that's the 1st thing he says in anticipation of watching it! What's odd about how he says Tigger is that he can say "Go" incredibly clearly, so I think he just likes his version of Tigger.

Other words - Suz (although, he always signs Doggie when he sees Auntie Suz since he associates her with Boomer), down, up, guitar, car, yogurt (I'm pretty sure), & shoe.

Okay aside from his new words...

Austin is getting so good with his shape sorters! He has one that's a hippo where the shapes are color-coordinated with the holes, so I thought he was only doing so good with it because he was matching the colors. Then I saw him do shapes on one at my Mother-in-law's house and he was matching just about every time even when there was no color to match.

Along that same line, he could sort his nesting boxes for hours at a time.

He's very into babies, which I'm very glad about. Hopefully that will translate into being very into baby sister soon! We've been working on "recognizing" babies - the yogurt he eats usually has a baby on the side, so he learned the sign for baby and I try to point them out anywhere we go. He's a little confused cuz he signs "baby" for all kids, baby or not. When I ask him if he wants a baby, he does say yes. But he also says yes if you ask him if he wants a spanking or to eat poo, so that's not horribly reliable! And I know he has no comprehension of McKenna being in my belly, but when you ask him where Baby Sister is, he lifts up my shirt and kisses my belly, which I love! As long as he doesn't try to give her kisses while we're in public!

Austin loves going to the park. He's learning how to go down slides by himself and could swing for hours!

He gets really naughty when he's tired. He tends to knock things off the table and bang on things he knows he's not supposed to. But the most disobedient thing he does is pull the pin out of the kitchen door hinge. It comes out easily, but we don't want him to try that on other doors and accidentally lock himself in his room. He thinks it's funny even though he gets his hand smacked when he does so. We've just recently had to escalate how hard we spank his hand, just to the point of tears, which breaks my heart to do. But it's making a difference, thankfully!

He learned to climb up on the couch by himself. Which is great for when we tell him to go get ready to watch a video. Not so great when he does so to climb onto the windowsill and fling himself over the couch without us there to make sure he doesn't go flying off the couch!

His teeth are still all on one side of his head except for the front teeth, but he is getting close to getting his molars on his right side. Which is great since I was starting to get a little worried that he would only be able to chew on one side!

Austin is a darn good little drummer! If you put him down at church he bolts right for the drums. And is always horribly upset when it's time to stop. He's got some pretty good rhythm too. Pretty soon we'll have to get Uncle Jemery to start teaching him some beats!

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