Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thanks to Martin Luther King Day, Brian had a Monday off with nothing to do. So we took advantage of the extra time off to take a family outing to the Long Beach Aquarium. Austin's love for fishies has taken off since our last visit with church friends back in July. And sure enough, he was almost in a constant state of "Fishy Face" our whole time there.

It was a very rainy day but most of the aquarium sights are inside and we just decided to get wet to see what was outside too! (I should mention that I suggested bringing an umbrella, but was shot down by the hubby.)

He particularly liked the seals & sea lions. (Or as Daddy calls them, the puppy dogs of the sea.)

Austin was enjoying the rain.

After the aquarium we had lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ. We (well, it was really just me) thought it made more sense to walk from the aquarium to the restaurant rather than load up the car and possibly have to pay for parking again. Unfortunately, while it was only lightly raining on the way to the restaurant, it was POURING by the time we were done. Remember that note above about not bringing an umbrella?? Between Brian's bad idea to leave it at home and my bad idea to be cheap and not move the car, we were kinda in a bind! Thankfully Brian braved the elements to get the car and pick Austin and me up. I wish I had taken a picture of Brian. He was soaked! I think his jeans alone weighed 15lbs from all the water! At least we learned our lesson!

Austin was exhausted when we left. I think it took him all of 2.5 seconds to zonk out. I love watching this boy sleep! He's cute awake. He's cute asleep!

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