Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy 5 Months!

I actually wrote this on her month-day. Too bad it took me another week to take her pic and more than another week to get it onto the computer! Bleh!

Another month is gone already! It's a good thing she gets cuter and more fun by the day, otherwise I'd be lamenting the passing time much more! It is really fun to see her little personality bloom even more each day. She is just plain awesome! Oh I love this kid!

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I hate to write it, for fear of jinxing myself, but each day I'm more and more amazed by what an easy, happy baby Bella is! She is almost always smiling or laughing, is incredibly flexible and patient and when she's fussy it takes very little to soothe her usually. She can definitely cry and do so loudly, but those times are few and far between. I really hit the jackpot with this one!

Her personality is just so fun already. She loves to giggle and laugh and be tickled. She already gives great hugs by burying herself into my shoulder. And she loves to attack me with kisses. And when I come in to re-binky her or get her up from a nap I get the best smiles, even if she was fussing. In fact, if you laugh at her when she's fussing, she'll just start laughing back with you. I've been trying to "document" her fussy face because it's really funny. She pouts both lips out like a duck and gives the fakest fuss! But every time I pull out my phone or camera to capture it, she just smiles for the camera!

Not really any new major accomplishments this month, just improving on the last ones. She scoots faster on her back when she tries, but really she doesn't try too much anymore. The moment you put her down, she flips over to her stomach. Which is sorta a bummer, since she still doesn't have the stomach control and usually ends up chunking before too long. So she actually doesn't get put down too often unless it's been awhile since she's eaten. She made some improvement on crawling, but very little. Every once in a while she'll make some good forward movement. But for the most part she was very content to stay put.

Her exploding love of toys is probably why she was happy staying put though. Boy, does she like her toys! We got the bouncer/activity center all set up for her and she is in heaven in there. Sunday I swear she tried to dive out of my arms to get into the one in the nursery at church. And she is just content as can be on a blanket on the floor surrounded by things she can whack at or hold in her hands and chew on. While I love playing with her, it's also so great that she does good by herself for a bit to allow me to make dinner or tend to the bigger kiddos.

While she's really not too much of a fusser, she does let you know very distinctly when she's done playing and wants to go to bed. She starts yelling and her shrieking eel impression gets very loud. She's started kicking her feet against each other somewhat frantically too when she's tired and so now she always has little cuts on her feet from her toenails scratching. I hope she drops that habit soon! It's hard to keep them short enough so she doesn't hurt herself.

Just like the rest of the family, she loves the TV! It was about this age too, that Austin would yell at us when we'd turn it off. She'd rather watch than eat, so I have to now nurse her with the TV off.

The hair poof is still going fairly strong. It stays down for longer and longer after a bath, but a good bedhead inducing nap brings it right back to life. The hair on the back of her head is curlier than the rest and gets into the worst dreadlocks from her rubbing her head back and forth when she sleeps. I've had to cut out some bad knots after trying my best to detangle them. Thankfully she has a lot of hair (still very dark!) to make up for it!

Still can't tell what color her eyes are going to be. I'm thinking they're going to be hazel like Austin's, cuz they remind me of his chrome eyes at this stage, but sometimes they are much bluer. Time will tell!

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