Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Plethora of Pinatas Presents!

Despite all the events we go to and all the people to see at Christmas, Brian and I made a pact to have Christmas morning at our house as long as we can. I'm sure there will be years in the future that we will travel to see family, but for right now, that's the pact! I loved seeing Austin's face light up at the sight of all his gifts right after he got up! And that was worth having crazy schedules with Christmases with other people on other days!

Just like last year, Grandma joined us for Christmas morning. Austin fully understood opening presents this year and unlike last year, he didn't get as burned out! Which is good...cuz we had LOTS of presents. A plethora of presents, if you will! You would think this was the stash at the Duggar's house! Actually Brian & I did very well sticking to a preset dollar amount for the kids. There were lots of toys that we (and by we, I mean ME!) had a hard time not buying. But once you add in a grandma's load of presents, you get a plethora!

My lens wasn't wide enough to do the pile justice!
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Grandma & McKenna, sporting her Baby's First Christmas stocking cap. It was a bit snug but still cute!

Austin's favorite stocking stuffer. Santa seemed to have raided the left over birthday favors!

Austin's favoritest toy from Grandma - A Toy Story backpack with wheels. He refuses to wear it as a backpack, but ADORES pulling it around everywhere. He joyfully packs it full of toys and blankets whenever he knows we are going somewhere, whether or not he needs to!

We bought McKenna her first Angel music box. My parents had the tradition of buying me one every year. I think each one plays a different song. I considered passing mine on to McKenna, but I want those! So instead I'm continuing along the tradition.
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Daddy displaying a frame from Grandma. It only took me three months, but I finally printed out a picture for him to put in it and take to work!
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Austin's favorite toy from us was his Handy Manny Tool Box. It plays music and the tools dance. He is still obsessed with it!

I always have to have a pic of someone with something on their head. It is a Crowley Christmas tradition!
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McKenna was a little worn out by the end of the extravaganza.

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